[Res] Eating bug while carrying wood

Found a bug already with one of my workers. She was hauling wood, and then got hungry. But she would never put down the wood to go eat the berries. She just stood there and starved. She’s not a very good worker.

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i got 3 workers doing that

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Or post it on the stonehearthguru bug forum. I still can’t play but your issue reminds me the accidental release, my settlers just starved. I don’t know if it’s a bug or you’re doing something wrong. It is supposed that settlers will eat automatically but at the beginning of the game you have to prepare everything.


Wait the game came out?


Yupp, check your Steam and see if it updated or head onto the Humble Bundle page to direct download it!

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Title: Bug with workers not putting down wood to eat.
Summary: While I was trying to construct a house, one of my workers picked up wood, but then got hungry. Instead of putting down the wood to eat, they got stuck and would not move. Eventually all my workers were stuck.
Steps to Reproduce: Try to build a house, workers will do this themselves when they get hungry.

Expected Results: Your workers will derp out and stand around doing nothing.

Versions and Mod: Alpha release today, no mods.
System info: Nvdia Geforce 760 4 GB, I7-920 @ 2.67Ghz, 12 GB RAM

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I have the same bug looks like some workers who are hauling wood are getting stuck if they get hungry and won’t put down the wood, but they do finally unstick themselves after they get too tired and just go to sleep.

Workaround: try making a second stockpile. We have a problem right now where they think there’s no more room in a stockpile and can’t figure out how to ditch the wood they’re carrying. Tony is working on this, but it’s a bug deep in the pathfinder, and it touches like, everything, so it might be a while.


Thanks. I’ll try this and post results.

thanks for the report and the confirmation folks! we’ll be transitioning these over here, just to have one place to call “bug central”…


edit: thanks @sdee, our very first workaround! :+1:

I tried this, but instead, they just moved things back and fourth between the two stockpiles. :open_mouth:

Edit: Nonstop, might I add.

Yeah, my workers do that as well.

Another interesting thing just happened. All I had was one stockpile, and wanted 1 simple room to be built. I started to run out of wood and food so I queued 2 trees to chop and 2 bushes to forage. Everyone is now standing still except for one worker who picks up a block of wood, and drops it, and picks it up, and drops it, ect.

They might be slightly challenged, but I love them nonetheless

Edit: Created a second stockpile. Production is up and running again.