[NLA] Alpha 1 - Bugs I have found so far


These are the bugs I have found so far.

  • Workers will sometimes use berries instead of wood, while building. Only seem to happen when there is a shortage of wood.
  • Workers will sometimes get stuck when more resources are needed for the job, even though they are holding a piece of wood. Only way I have found to bring them out of this stuckiness, is to give them a new building job.
  • When the stuckiness happens, the workers will first gather at the stockpile and pickup and drop wood blocks repeatedly before they stop up, with a wood block in their hands.
  • Wooden Columns are sometimes built from the top and down. The three upper blocks are placed first and a second worker places the remaining three blocks at a later point.
  • The workers are lazy. Once a building assignment is given, all items outside of the stockpile seems to be forgotten. I have yet been able to complete a building job, so I don’t know if they pick it up once the current job is done.

And to make matters worse… I seem to have a criminal among my settlers. One who was given the choice between the wilderness and jailtime. I would appreciate it if criminals could be excluded from the settler program. At least make sure they’re not so vocal about it.

I wil use the easy house but the game crash.

May I add my own finding to this list?
You can have a negative amount of wood, and settlers can get stuck inside eachother.

There also seems to be a debug tool still in. Pressing space toggles wireframe mode.

i see the berrys use for wood to!

Of course, I’m sure the developers would rather see the bugs in one big thread anyway.

More bugs:

  • After completing a Wall Loop, none of the workers takes the initiative to go pick up items outside the stockpile area, lazy bums.

I’ll take another poke at it tomorrow, see what I can find then.

If I could add a couple more:

When the camera goes inside a tree it becomes very slow to move/zoom out.

Seems to be a crash involving putting a house blueprint on a different elevation I have found.

Workers will choose to sleep on the hard floor instead of the bed I have lovingly crafted for them (Sometimes they will use the bed, but oftentimes not).

Walls will complete, simple rooms I have not been able to get finished.

Mass-crafting something on the workbench seems to grind to a halt a lot of the time. I tried making 5 beds and got 1 bed and my carpenter holding wood in the stockpile.

Lazy workers will sometimes chop a tree and not take the wood back to the stockpile.

Thanks for getting the build to us and having the balls to release an Alpha. Hopefully with all of us looking for bugs and reporting them the iteration process for bug finding will be reduced

Yes, they seem to have left quite a few debugging tools in, F8 - F12 (I think) all do some different debugging thing, eg. Worker Paths, Function calls (or at least thats what its called in python) and some mode that shows the base of objects all feature, try them out for yourself.

Also, this isn’t that unusual, remember, Minecraft still has some of its in

my game have a update!

The carpenter seems to take a really long time to eat.

Okay, thanks for the help, it would be good if all these bugs could be posted over here so Raidient can see them better, thanks

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as it stands now, radiant is trying out Curse to house the bug reports, and will (likely) end up being the exclusive location (in time)…

and thanks @Sarhifigus for all your help in this area! +10 internet points for you! :smile:

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