Settlers randomly stop doing everything

Title: settlers randomly stop what they are doing
Summary:settlers randomly stop what they are doing
Steps to reproduce: Sadly I do not know, it has happened twice and there is no pattern to it

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    Expected Results: carry out working
    Actual Results: freezing for periods of time
    Versions and Mods: alpha 1, no mods
    System Information: Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    , 8 gigs of ram
    , AMD FX 8120 Eight-core processor
    Geforce GTX 560 video card

same here they stop doing all there stuff :confused:

additional notes: they seem to break out of this spell when they are hungry enough to go pick berries for themselves, then they usually freeze again

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Yeah i’ve had this too now, it happens for me when i order them too many things at the same time.
(i.e. tell them to chop 10 trees and harvest 6 bushes)

The same thing happens to me! I have no idea what is causing them to stop. They also stop building when this happens too.

It seems the alpha given out to the youtubers was more stable

But we all expected bugs and at least we can still listen to the wonderful music!


Making another stockpile seems to snap them out of it…Though they still won’t complete a house.

Liked, not because I like this bug, but because I can confirm it. It’s how I understand this to work? Bug reporting that is.

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Title: settlers randomly stop what they are doing
Summary:settlers randomly stop what they are doing
Steps to reproduce: Playing the game in general

  1. playing the game

  2. 3)…
    The workers stop what they are doing. Occasionally they might eat some berries but will stop working once again.
    As you can see I’ve also tried to construct a house and the workers stop building the house, now the workers might go and eat and perhaps start wondering around but they will not go and continue construction of the house for some unknown reason. After this they will stop and the whole cycle continues.
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Yeah, it’s a super early alpha. Don’t expect it to be playable. They might work on it.

I got the same thing. It seems like this is randomly happening.

But at least it creates some funny situations:
It seems like these two villagers fell in Love! They are standing together there for about 5 minutes now, I think I should let them do their “thing”. :smiley:


Little did the guy know the girl was only thinking about food


Same issue here, they randomly will snap out of it.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz
OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Memory: 8 GB
Video: (2) GeForce 9800 GT using SLI

Mine’s been doing that too for long periods they just stand around. Then they go eat or lay down and sleep, then do nothing again. After maybe one or two actions sometimes haha.

To Confirm it is the Construction which is causing the Workers to have this Bug - Maybe something to do with Path finding to the next buildable block it is always when we try to construct a wall or a small house the workers will wait for the nexzt worker to complete there task. But this of course never happens due to the worker being unable to reach / complete the task set for some unknown reason.

Please concur with my findings.

Yea, this has been happening to me. I’ve noticed that my workers stop working if they have built halfway a house. I’ve stockpiled a lot of wood and berries and the workers only stop working when they have built halfway a house.

How do you get the blueprint for the house to show up? Asked this in another thread and got no reply. When I go to build a house I get nothing. I have to remember where I commanded it to be built until they actually start building it, and even then all I see is whatever is finished being built.

same problem here. Settlers bring back wood and stuck all together ^^

Same here. My workers pick up wood from the stockpile and just stand there until they get hungry. When they get hungry, they drop the wood and eat some berries.

Typical, women always thinking about other things whilst making out… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The most common way that I’ve noticed this bug occurring is when I start building a house or a wall or something.

For example, I’d ask them to start building a “small room” and if they fell asleep or ran out of wood during the process, then when they went to pick it up again and start working, they’d grab the wood, but then not move at all. Same story with the wall loops.

Of course, if they got hungry or sleepy (as has been mentioned), then they’d drop the wood to go eat or sleep. After that, I might be able to regain control over them, or they’d grab wood and stand still doing nothing again.