[Dup]First source for negative wood numbers

Hello freindly SH companions,

as the FPB is released to the hungry alpha testers we could encounter lots of strange hilarious and confusing events in this early build. One of them was the negative number counting our wood in the stockpiles. I identified one possible source for that error which can cause your stonehearthians to freeze later ingame right at the start of the game:

After you placed your fireplace you are asked to place your first stockpile. Conveniently you are given three pieces of wood by the developers at the start, but here arises the problem. If you place your stockpile and wait until they dropped their load into there before clicking on the last confirmation text (saying you are on your own from there on), you will have three wood in your stockpile not counted by the game and therefore resulting in negative numbers right from the start if you build the carpenter and don’t chop some trees first.

Really easy to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Place the fireplace and stockpile and wait to confirm the last OK until your fellows places their starting present into the stockpile.
  3. chop down a tree (little oak tree is advised as it consists only of four pieces of wood) and wait until the wood is brought into the stockpile. There should be now 7 wood in your stockpile but the game counts only 4.
    Voila: Wood in your stockpile not counted by the game.

Hope this helps teaching the game to count the actual numbers correctly.


Ps.: If someone somewhere sometime noted this first I’d like to apologize for the inconvience.

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