Inventory Limit: A Little Finicky

Right, so, I’m not actually here to complain, because I expect my already poor FPS (my computer’s having issues) to absolutely plummet now that I found the infinite inventory limit setting. Which hopefully still works since the post I found it in; I haven’t loaded the game back up yet. All the same, I hit the inventory limit in the middle of building a communal town house so everyone could get out of the Mean Beds they’ve been using since day 8 or so. I’m sitting at day ~75 with 27 villagers, so it was kinda well past due.

I’ve almost always had a building project going that required the efforts of everyone that wasn’t a craftsmen or a guard (who often pitch in anyway), so I don’t think it’s a matter of me not prioritizing building enough. I did just cut down a giant forest, and I think the logs scattered about outside the town walls still count towards my total inventory? But crafting would still be an iffy business until my carpenters managed to pile them, anyway…

Tl;dr: The inventory limit is a necessary mechanic, at least without some coding magic that doesn’t seem to have happened, but still needs some balancing. Not sure when or to what extent.

EDIT: Yeah, uh, I just reloaded my save and discovered that my wood count just changed from ~700 to “lots”. So I retract the statement that the inventory limit itself is too small per se, just that there’s issues with hitting the limit without really having needed to. Would not mind having messages coaxing me into making log piles, at this point.

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I can already tell we have quite different playstyles. Just from the simple fact that I have not ever had troubles with the limit.

One thing to note however is that wood, stone, and clay raw don’t have much bearing or addition to inventory. Granted I do believe they have a minuscule stacking effect. In other words would take quite a bit in order for that to be noticeable more than some of the other things that contribute.

In the way I play I don’t clear cut everything possible or level mountains. Even my clay pit doesn’t quite get that much, but like you I do seem to usually have a project building or something going on which obviously uses those resources. That and I tend to turtle my way through things…

I wouldn’t mind hinting somewhere of the piles of resources either. That would be nice, as long it not too intrusive or pestering. I like to decorate my place a lot, so maybe that is where a chunk of my inventory ends up. That and I only get what resources I need, and not over do it… or well try not too… but that is me, and I don’t expect others to do the same; since it is up to them how they want to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

The one big issue I run into with the limit is, once it’s hit, my farmers stop gathering food. Then the chance of starvation sets in if I don’t start selling things for the inventory space. The idea of a limit makes managing things more fun, but it being a bit higher per heartling would be nice. With the option to turn it off in the settings.

Wood stack/ stone stack/ clay stack can reduce your inventory from like 900 to 50

There is!.. if you’re willing to poke around in your user_settings.json. [This is in your Stonehearth folder; for me it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Stonehearth.] It’s really just a plaintext file, so even Notepad would work.

So after the last option you have, you’ll want to add a comma, press enter, and type "infinite inventory" : true.