Please say what type of Inventory is full

Please do it… yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Town inventory is so bogus that even though I have deployed 20 stone chests with 64 space slots each - a quick math fact: 1280 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE - my town infuriating inventory is still full.

What kind of data management is this?? XD
With this kind of inventory management I’m still baffled how is it that my clergy isn’t skimming the top… Don’t give into corruption! (we have Conan Exiles for that :stuck_out_tongue: )

IDK what you’re doing over there but please cease your typomancy and get to sort this brainsore of an inventory.

THANKS! :smiley:

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How many items do you have in total?

Town inventory is limited by the size of your town. Inventories with tens of thousands of items considerably slow the game down.

Inventory limit scales based on how many Hearthlings you have. If you have mass amounts of some resources, like stone or would, you can craft them into piles.

There’s also a way to turn the inventory limit off in user_settings.json. This file should be directly in your Stonehearth folder.

The file will look something like this:

“mods” : {
“stonehearth” : {
“other_settings” : “will already be here”,
“just_add” : “the line below”,
“infinite_inventory” : “true”

Of course, the team’s said they’re not responsible for any bugs / performance issues you get as a result.


Thanks coasterspaul,

I don’t see why the general inventory has to be limited.
It would be nicer to see a reactive game universe -
if I mine too much I get stone golems to attack me.
Over hunting would warrant undead and larger inventory would draw thieves and raiders.

Also - I think that private property would be nice and the ability to designate a space to a dwarf… erm… hearthling, to a group like a barracks or a mission like Hospital.

I don’t aim to be original with my ideas - All I’m saying is that some of them have been done rather well so why not recap on those game mechanics?

One of their ideas for performance enhancing back in the day. By limiting the number of times in the world, it limits the number of things that have to cycle / scan.

Going to try and clear some things up here:

  1. The inventory cap was added many Alphas ago to deal with a major performance issue (literally thousands of items laying around that all took CPU and GPU time).
  2. The inventory cap is based on population and has nothing to do with the amount of storage items (or stockpiles) you have. The formula is currently number_of_hearthlings * 150 or 1200, whichever is larger. That means, with 7 Hearthlings (the default starting population), you have an inventory limit of 1200. This limit exists regardless of whether you have a single 1x1 stockpile, or 500 20x20 stockpiles. The limit starts increasing with your ninth hearthling.
  3. As @coasterspaul mentioned, you can remove the limit by modifying your user_settings.json file. Keep in mind, the team will not assist with any reported performance issues, or bugs that could reasonably be caused by the increased CPU cycles taken by the infinite items.

Now, as to your concern that “Town inventory is so bogus” - you bring up a reasonable point, and this has come up before. I just tested it and noticed that there’s no tooltip explaining the Item Limit, so it’s quite understandable where the confusion comes from. Going to ping @Sweet to see this, I’m sure there’s a better way we can expose/explain this to users.


Just got back to play some lately and saw this thread on my queue -
You guys are epic, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Well, now when I think of it I think it should be asked whether there are any perspectives to re-code inventory handling so the limit can be lifted without performance hit or we just have to get used to it? Small worlds and small inventories may work well, but it’s no secret we’ll need them bigger for multiplayer.

I recently bought myself a new laptop which is a little beast when it comes to specification and 20+ Ling town is lagging a lot with 16 GB of RAM, 2.80/3.80 with Turbo Boost GHz processor and GTX 1060 GPU. If such a machine lags in singleplayer then who will be able to host multiplayer games with reasonable performance?

A good point.
I don’t like that manual clamping method with those piles of clay, stones or whatever.
I think that eventually the inventory design would autoclamp resources…

Do you know how banking works?

Most of the money written in one own account is actually invested in the banks’ monetary endeavors while only a small portion is actually available for physical withdrawal.
So that money is divided into two actual “inventories”, a small physical “liquid” inventory which stays ready for an account owner interaction (a player interaction, in our case) and one that’s a static list - the main bulk of the money which is “solid” and being handled by the bank.

If I have 10K seeds and I’m insisting on keeping them for bunny knows what it’d be fine with the game since I’ll have only 100 available at any given time…

there were old pc games back at the late 80’s or was it the early 90’s that had that problem with the players treasury\cash, they could only hold as much as an integer would allow so the general method was that if a player have over a certain amount of resources, let’s say 100 thousand and 3 hats, they would clamp up and the game would show [1,][003] or somesuch.

11 months later…

Sorry, just found that funny.

I’ve got a two-fold answer to this one.

  1. I may be wrong on this one, but from my experience so far, Stonehearth relies pretty much on the CPU, and barely any on the GPU. Moving some of that rendering in the future over to the GPU would help the limit some…but there’s still the issue of the AI vs Pathfinding to all the items. As stated a few times, the AI isn’t multi-threaded, so it’s heavy on a computer.

  2. Like Minecraft, I feel this game is going to need a dedicated server to have any real number of players. 2 players playing together could possibly be on the same beefy machine, but anything more than that I think is going to need a server. Again, this is just my opinion from attempting to run a Minecraft server. I stress attempt…

So…deployable / usable amount is different than the actual amount. How is that different or better than the current system? I can see a slight improvement in some places, but then being pentalized elsewhere.

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This reeks of piles. Basically piles do this stuff. They don’t do it automatically, and there aren’t piles for many resources, but this is what piles do.

When you have enough resources, you can craft a pile out of it, trading say 18 items for 1 item. The pile item isn’t available to the extent that you as a player would need to go through the process of placing and harvesting them to unlock the resources again. Piles work pretty well, if you were to make use of them, which is kind of diificult now since you need to do it manually. (as opposed to just ordering them to make piles whenever appropriate and place them at spot X).


Say friend, did you actually take time to read previous posts? I’ve said it does and also gave a theoretical foundation regarding real life banking system. :slight_smile:

Besides, I’d hate to see it managed by simple piles since imho it’s not an elegant solution.

I’d envision a Grand silo building in which you could store huge amount of items that would be saved ingame only as a list rather as separate objects.

These inventories would allow the game to ease up on managing the physical location or rendering of an object and would allow the clearing of memory for other needed game functions.

It is nice to see a Hearthling walking about with a specific object in hand but if it means that it would compromise game resources I would like to have an option in which every item that will be obtained out of that silo would look like a brown wrapped paper box with the value of the object needed stored in it and that object will be applied for building, placing or what ever task the player or game needs.
This would prevent the necessity to render various different object that a zoomed out perspective player wouldn’t notice anyway.

I’d like to have such a Silo building and a Toggle option for hauled items.