Please add option to remove inventory limit

this so called inventory limit are ridiculus.

toyaly kill the point of sandbox game, where you can do anything you want. i want to amass resource, and wealth. what wrong with that?

just add option of this in settings.

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Well, get more Hearthlings and the limit will grow.

If you feel like messing with the game files, both the Hearthling and inventory limit are moddable.

Have you actually run into the inventory cap much yet - in which case it might need tuning or rethinking - or are you just worried you will? What does a typical game of Stonehearth look like for you?


To add my word to this; the concern I have with this inventory limit is that while in the current iteration, the limit grows linearly with the number of hearthlings, the economy and the production capacity of the town grows exponentially.

Ideally, in a perfect world with no performance issues and with high number of hearthlings; at any given moment, every single guy/girl would work by either gathering something or producing something from existing stuff, and thus new things would appear in the inventory, waiting to be either consumed, or sold to the next trader.

That being said, in order to increase population, currently it’s necessary to have hit a certain goal of net value. For the 41st villager, currently it asks us to have 88k net value. Now with my current village of 40 hearthlings, my inventory of 5200 things, the net value is 84k and my inventory limit is 6000. One of the many problems I face currently, is that despite my economy is powerful (despite the pathfinding, and various performance issues), the town doesn’t attract any more merchants than a village of 7 hearthlings, and things just keep piling up, and soon there will come a time when by the time the merchant arrives, my hearthlings will stop gathering things because there is a magical number that says “NO”.

Another issue I took notice of, is that not only items that are lying around in stockpiles, crates and chest are counted towards the inventory limit, but various objects like windows and doors and workshops that I have already placed in the world.

tldr; my main point with this huge amount of text was, that the current linear growth of inventory limit is not going to work out well with greater number of hearthlings, because the economy grows exponentially with the number of hearthlings.

PS: We need a separate indicator for our current inventory capacity (the total capacity of all stockpiles, crates and chests).


I did run into the inventory cap with my previous A14 game. I’ve got 13160 items out of the 6000 limit.

833 Bronze ingot, 132 gold ingot, 321 silver ingot, 1184 Lump o’coal, 830 Iron ore, 2661 Hunk of stone, 417 Oak Log (I’ve to refill it by the way), 699 Copper ore, not counting others ingot and ore, Maybe 800 pelt, 210 Oak Tree Sapling, plus decorations, food, furniture, construction, etc etc etc.

Do I really need 132 gold ingots ? No, certainly not, but it’s mainly at the moment the main thing to do, constructions are quite still broken and frustrating, expanding is not really possible and the econnomy still really basic.

So I dig, I dig and I make ingots and I store them in some of my 60 Vaults.

My current net worth is at 106260, I’ve stopped to play this one to start a RC game.

And by the way yes, It’s laggy as hell :slight_smile:


Mikahel turned this game into Dwarf Fortress. :sweat:
Although I agree, since I’m one of the people suffering from the idle bug, all I can do is amass gold.

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In latest a15 release, I have added a user setting for infinite inventory.
mods.stonehearth.infinite_inventory = true

You may experience performance issues if this setting is enabled.



Where exactly do we put this? It doesn’t seem to be inside vanilla user_setting.json.
I added it manually like this:

"mods" : {
        "stonehearth" : {
            "default_storage_filter_none" : false,
            "enable_cpp_ai" : true,
            "enable_speed_three" : true,
            "max_citizens" : 40,
            "show_hearthling_paths" : false,
            "infinite_inventory" : true    

But it gives me an error on startup. Is it still in 2881?

Mod Edit: Corrected user_settings.json to avoid confusion in future…

Put a comma (,) at the end of the second to last line (after show hearthling paths: true)
It’s a JSON formatting thing



Ah, totally missed that one. Thanks for the quick answer.

Could there simply be a limit to the items left on the ground? And then items stored be infinite. Surely stored items are on a basic list under each storage item and not held as an individual item and made invisible when stored.

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How do you want to limit items on the ground? What if the limit is reached and you mine or chop trees? Will the items just disappear?

Well, as for the storage spots on the ground, you could model a number of tarp shapes with varying heights of bulge, then instead of individual items visible on the ground you would simply have a tarp “storage chest”. That would save a number of items being left on the ground.

A problem I noticed is that in mines in particular you had a lot of objects falling on top each other, could you not do a pass every few seconds to see what similar items are in extreme proximity of each other and then merge them in to a “clump”? Or even just have a clump model and have it like a storage container that cant be added to. Only items can be selected out of it. I know in my mines it gets bad, I had 30k pieces (rough math based on estimated drop rate and area cleared), the lag wasn’t bad but the hearthlings just gave up and went for lunch never to pick up a thing.