Town Inventory Size Increase/Toggle

I feel as though increasing this inventory cap (from the current scaling per villager) to perhaps a larger number would be advantageous. I understand the objective is to encourage people to expand their city to a wide, sprawling kingdom, though I have a city with around 26 villagers (I’ve upped the cap to as high as it can go) and I cannot get them to harvest the necessary resources to even build the buildings I’ve encouraged them to. Though I sit with about 1 stone on average and about 400 wood, building is slow and strenuous.

It’s to the point where I can’t pick up basic items off the ground because my villagers just won’t haul them. That, or picking them up assigns ownership to them, thus adding them to town items, and I have literally no space to do so. This inventory cap was never an issue in the early game, though as soon as I progressed to mid to late game, I have run into this issue constantly. It’s a massive struggle that makes me want to just start a different world and hope that world won’t have the same issue, though I know it will. Please, developer, I beg of you. Let the player decided if this limit is to be upped or not in game, it would better the late game invariably!

You can stop producing things you don’t need. Lower the production of things you rarely need.
Or just sell the excess.

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@coasterspaul and @BrunoSupremo shed some light on this in another topic, and helped me out. Here’s the link, @AJddfx;

Thank you so much! This helped and my city has since expanded 200% since.

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