I need help with storage in my game

How can I increase the stock of the village?

Default hotkey is O.
Also on the tool bar on the bottom of the screen there is the zone option that contains the stockpile option.

In general using crates is more space efficient than ground stockpiles. The carpenter can make a large box 2x2 with 32 item inventory and the mason can create a 2x2 with 64 inventory.

my village is full ;-; how i expand the capacity?

20x20 is the largest stockpile you can get, but you can make as many as you want.

I thought I needed something to increase the limit of items in the city, but it was the space that was missing xD

wait…don’t work .-.

look: the max of items in my Village is 2100 and i have more, how i Expand this capacity? (Alpha 22.5)

ah… the max itens on the town inventory. I don’t think there is a way to increase it. It’s being this number for a while.

really??? good bye Village ;–;

I thought the inventory cap was based on the town’s population, I may be wrong though. So try to get more heathlings to see what happens


yay, now i need start a new village ;–; (thx creators >>:I )

Yeah the inventory cap is based on on the number of hearthlings. Easiest way to fix the inventory limit is to see off excess resources, or craft them into bundles.

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How many hearthlings do you have in your town @tiago_alves? The system is a way of keeping items down, so the game wont use alot of thinkingpower, if i remember correctly. Do as Avairian says and keep your resources organized. Make stonepiles with the mason (18 seperate stones becomes 1 item) the same with wood etc.

If you have alot of crafted items, then sell of what you dont need, then they become gold coins… they stack way better.

If you have the patience, then take 15 minutes, while you are eating or something, where you dont give the hearthlings new orders and let them clean up the place.

I do believe that there is a way to increase the itemlimit with code, try and do a search here on the discourse.

I hope some of this helps :slight_smile:

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i start a new town because my last die by hunger ;-; (had 14 with capacity of 2100 items) and i start a new town, this new town have the capacity of 2100 items too :frowning:

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have a solution without being excluding and selling?

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Why do you need that many itens in the town? Can’t you sell some or refine them into more crafted things?
I normally don’t get close to this limit… even when reaching the default limit of 20 hearthlings.

If the item cap is a problem due to item hoarding, it can be disabled by adding the line:

"infinite_inventory" : true,

in the user_settings.json (steamapps/common/Stonehearth/user_settings.json) in the group:

This will disable the max inventory limit, but collecting too many items will still not be advised due to the performance of stonehearth decreasing if you have too many items around

hmm so a 7 hearthling town has the same limit as a 14 hearthling town? Lets call @sdee to get a better understanding on this… :slight_smile:

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im searching…

The line is not in the file by default, adding the complete line will disable max storage