Wrong town inventory size

Hello, for some reason my town inventory is much smaller than what it should be, it should be 2800 but for some reason is only 1500
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place stockpiles
  2. Fill them
  3. Observe

Expected Results:
More stockpiles = more inventory
Actual Results:
It will say the town inventory is full and that you have way less storage then you actually do
Also the hearthlings still use the stockpiles and add more to the inventory even though it says its full

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest dev build 0.15.0 (develop 2924) x64 build
System Information:

hey there @Ximien,

this isn’t actually a bug, as of A15 an inventory cap has been implemented, once you’ve hit the cap you can no longer store items, regardless of the actual amount of stockpile space you have.

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is there any way to increase the cap?
like the hearthling ammount

if i’m not mistaken, the cap “grows” with every hearthling you get. you can also craft “piles” to get raw resources out of your inventory.

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@8BitCrab i saw the piles but i wasnt sure exactly how those work, like can my hearthlings use the materials in the piles? or do i have to do something to un-pile the piles?

the piles are like a piece of furniture, so you craft them and then can place them down in your world.

to un-pile the piles you use the harvest tool on them.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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@8BitCrab Thanks for the help!

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