Inventory indicator lies about full inventory. (A15)

Summary: First off. If the stockpile zone doesen’t count as space for inventory then tell me, and you dont have to read the rest of this post. but I don’t believe thats the case. every time i start this save I get the “Town Inventory Full” notification, and my inventory status(In town info), says the same story. but i have multiple stockpile zones, which barely have enything in them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I started a new game, and started cutting maby 50 trees.
  2. I made stockpiles in a bigger amount than the resourses left on ground and those wich already was obtained, and stored.
  3. Every time i start the save, the “Town Inventory Full” notification appears

Expected Results: I expected nothing.

Actual Results: Every time i start the save, the “Town Inventory Full” notification appears.

Notes: I have only played the version down below


Version Number and Mods in use:
A15 release 537 (x64)
No mods
System Information:
Windows 10

hye there @Simon_Noval, welcome to the discourse :smile:

in A15 an inventory cap was implemented, so even though you might have stockpile space, you’ve reached the inventory cap. this cap grows alongside your population, so with every new hearthling you get, your inventory cap grows.

hope that helps clear up the confusion :slight_smile:


The problem here is not that it lies about your inventory capacity, but that it actually doesn’t display the capacity of your stockpiles and chest, but the maximum inventory capacity of your town, which increases as you get more hearthlings.

They should really display the stockpile capacity alongside the total capacity.


Town inventory isn’t same thing as stockpile space. There’s a hard cap on the total number of items you can have at once, as a lag limiter. Cap Rises as you have more people. Just cut fewer trees at first should solve problem.

Make those logs piles with the carpenter and you will recover a lot of space, as each one uses 18 wood.
You later can place the logs down, and use the harvest to get wood back.
It is better than using chests or stockpiles for wood.