At some point the inventory system stops working

Since I can’t find a bugs category (doesn’t mean it isn’t there, I just didn’t see it), I though I would describe what I’m seeing.

I have played several days on Alpha 16 and as get past all Ogo and the wolves, something starts to go wrong with the inventory system. In my case, farmers will no longer farm because they think the town inventory is full (somewhere around 3500 items). But I put down new crates, boxes, and such (I primarily use the stone and the 256 ones) and my town inventory does not go up. Because of that my food is dropping and the town is dying. I’ve tried selling off vast quantities of stuff but I have way more than 3500 items so it doesn’t work - still no farming.

hey there @Ramcat, the bug reports section can be found under #support:bug-reports :slight_smile:

it sounds like its actually not the storage space that isn’t there, but rather that you’ve hit the inventory cap…

Interesting - nothing in the game suggests that there is a cap… I can still put down more “inventory space” with no warnings that it won’t work. And nothing explains why I have more items than the inventory space available.

I’ll try to sell off everything and see what that does, because this game is dead already.

Yup, selling three or four stacks of 500+ ore made farmers start working again. OK, so this is feedback and not a bug. But “Inventory Full” does not indicate “Inventory Cap”, it just tells me as a player I need to make more things to store inventory, not that you can never store anything more.

Now this part might be a bug, I seemed to have way more than 3500 items. Perhaps there should be no leway… If you’re at cap everybody stops working and does not contribute/create the problem I have/had?


You can check your invetory limit in the town overview (the tower icon)
The max inventory goes up with hearthling number. I have basically never reached the limit, as it is easily enough to accommodate everything you need.

hmm… good point, perhaps that notif/warning should say “inventory cap hit” or something like that instead… paging @sdee


Maybe I’ve been playing it wrong. I am a software engineer by trade so I “program” each profession to keep X of everything they make in stock (at all times). That (I see) doesn’t work as my inventory ran over what I could store and then certain classes stopped working.

Well, perhaps look into the town inventory and see what you have lots of stuff of. It’s unlikely you’ll be needing 500 ckay for example.

Intellectually I understand that (don’t need 500 X). Gameplay wise and “instinct” wise I don’t. Isn’t the point to horde as much wealth as you can and fight off the resulting baddies who try to steal it from you? Of course, this may only be my point in playing the game but…

I’ve been playing with a cleared out inventory and few standing orders and the game is much harder to me. When my footman rank up and can use new items how do I find out what new items this character can use? Go to the blacksmith shop and click on each item? Why doesn’t the character sheet tell me “This guy/gal can now use X, Y and Z” and have a button that says “Queue these items”. Way too much micro for a game focused on building and exploration and combat. Not a Starcraft fan.

Just build an item of every kind and your footman will equip the best he can wear, if you don’t like clicking on things. I don’t understand what the point of the game is if you just want to sit and watch it happen though…

Building and combat. To me I don’t feel like I’m watching when I tell my blacksmith to keep 20 silver ore at all times. That way I can respond to anything that needs silver (armor) fast and in great quantities.

But as I said, to me, the point of the game is building and combat not crafting (never got into Minecraft except as a segway into Castle Story).

To further state my point, I echo all those people who think that when you put down a prefab building (or template of my own design) all the parts (like beds and lights) should be queued as well so I don’t have to hunt down every craftsman and queue the parts when I’ve clearly told the game what I want it to do.

I don’t want to build a building with dressers and beds and curtains and lights… I want to build a city with building decked out like so. It’s the scale of things, city building and epic war.

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Yep, this message / workflow should be reviewed. Not only @Ramcat made this assumption, other users have also reported about this thinking it was a bug. :slight_smile:

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Adding a note for @yshan for when she’s back from her trip.


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