Inventory Max Stuck

After reaching 3900 in possible storage space, Storage maximum gets stuck at ???/3900 no matter how many chests/stockpiles I add.

Release-537(x64) No Mods

IIRC I read something from one of the devs saying they had removed storage maximums, or added an option to remove them. Maybe check your game options. Is it an older save? People are getting a lot of bugs loading older saves in the current A15 release.

Just got the game like 3 days ago or so, shouldn’t be old enough to have any conflicting issues, i think.

Edit: Checked the settings, only thing i noticed new in the tabs is the increase max hearthlings 40->50 changed it to 50 just now, stayed the same prior to issue.

hey there @Ellipticalinaly, welcome to the discourse :smile:

when you started playing did you play on A14, or the A15 “latest” branch?

A14 Release, been playing since i got it.

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hmm… then it could possibly be an “old save” issue, seeing as A15 just got pushed to the normal branch…

could you perhaps provide your save file? to find the save go to this file path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

if you dont know which save is the newest one, you can check the screenshot inside the save folder, then zip the individual save’s folder (not the entire saved_games folder) and upload it directly to the discourse either by using the upload button , or by dragging and dropping the .zip file.

i’ve also bumped you up to TL1 so you can upload files :slight_smile:

Would you rather Auto-save or Manual?

i dont think it really matters, but i’ll say manual save.

I can’t upload the save, not authorized extensions.

did you .zip the file? zips should be allowed…

New users can’t upload files, lol.

huh… i bumped you up to TL1 (new user is TL0) so you should be able to upload files… and checking the logs it does say you got bumped, perhaps try reloading the page…?

File is too large, Here, let me just push it to you.

Sorry, and thanks for trying your hardest, Stone Hearth is a game i’ve enjoyed every second of play since I got it.

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of course it is… anything else want to get i the way :laughing:

no need to apologize, its my fault since i forgot to mention the upload size limit… and thank you for being a good sport and not getting fed up with my crummy forum support!

I just want to get more space so i can fit more ores into my inventory, need 22000 Value for Hearthling 28, Never enough physical labour \o /, should lower some of the values on that though, 1600 food for next villager, but i’m breaking like 5000 because they never eat it all, lol.

hmm… loading up the save the only thing i see is that you’ve hit the inventory cap…

if you’re not aware, in A15 an inventory cap was implemented, this cap grows with the amount of hearthlings you have.

however, you can set it to unlimited in the user_settings.json if you give me a moment i can quickly check how to do that.

if i’m not mistaken, resources (stone, ore, wood, etc) don’t actually aid in your towns net worth… :confused:

would need a member of TR to confirm that though… paging @yshan @sdee

Ore -> Blacksmith -> Footman Gear -> Value


Shoulda read the patch notes.

alright, in your user_settings.json you can add this line,

"infinite_inventory" : true

you add it under the line “show hearthling paths: false” so it looks something like this,

“mods” : {
“stonehearth” : {
“default_storage_filter_none” : false,
“enable_cpp_ai” : true,
“enable_speed_three” : true,
“max_citizens” : 40,
“show_hearthling_paths” : false,
“infinite_inventory” : true


Any chance they will add a option and put it on the game settings menu like max hearthlings? And doesn’t a comma go after the last false?

Thanks a bunch. Crab