Inventory size question

I have seen some forums saying the inventory size should raise the bigger my city is but its not.
I started with 3000 max now reaching 17 npcs in my town with a good net worth still nothing changed still 3000 max.
Any way to change this to a bit more I am getting close to full.

Btw what will happend to items when I do reach max? they disappear ?

the size of your inventory should scale with the number of hearthlings you have

Nothing really happens to the items you just get a notification telling you that you have too many, from what I have see the inventory limit is beyond enough so if you have too many items try selling some of the less necessary ones :smile:


Weird from 7 hearthlings to 17 I didn’t get any extra storage :slight_smile: I am reaching 2500 now and still max is on 3000 with no change.

Can you upload your save? also start a fresh game and see what your storage is with 7 hearthlings :smile:

mhm I see it doesn’t start on 3000 tho its weird cause I am stuck on 3000 and already reached 18 hearthlings.

I got to 28 hearthlings, and continues in 3000, it does not change anything…

Can those with inventory cap stuck at 3000 please upload their saves so I can take a look?

Sure tho How should I upload my save ? just to mega or some uploading site or there is a way to upload here?

Any uploading site will do. I prefer ones like google drive because they don’t have crazy download restrictions:)
Thank you so much!

It’s in your save folder where the game is installed in

If you’re using Steam, it’ll be

C -> program file(number) -> steam -> steam apps -> common -> stonehearth -> save(not sure of this name)

You can zip it and send it here via gdrive or something(not sure if you can directly do it here)

Saved-Games.rar - Google Drive I think it might be this one , I upload the Saved_Games folder

I found the problem. The max citizens wasn’t updated properly. When you get your next citizen, the inventory counter should change. I’m not sure how it got into this state, but it will fix itself. (hopefully) Let me know what happens when you get your next citizen.

I got a question : I have seen that even after the building is fully complete when pressing the building I can still stop the building or resume.
Why is that? are they missing something I can’t see or the building function is not updating properly and the build “continues” even when done.

And one more thing , Sometimes in game I don’t get a sound .
When promoting or when changing from and to town alert mode.
Any idea what might be the problem for the sound?

Is 3000 suppose to be the max for 20 hearthlings?

Note: Just making sure, as that is where mine is at, and my computer at moment probably should not even get more hearthlings. Lower end. Don’t want to push it further than that. So just wonder if that is the head count for that amount of max storage.