Changing inventory limit

ok I know absolutely k=nothing about changing stuff. I need help figuring this out Xd plz help someone. This is for the current build btw (alpha 24)

Hey @SirDumpy, are you playing the unstable build?

Look at the gameplay settings :wink: :

Otherwise, the inventory limit equation is defined in the ascendandy population json file, if you want to change it.

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unstable build? where do I find that
and if I go to that would I be able to transfer my save?

I think you should be able to continue playing your savefile just fine, but beware of mods if you have installed any.

To get to the unstable branch:

  1. Go to your Steam Library and right click on Stonehearth
  2. Select “Properties” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Hop on over to the “Betas” tab
  4. In the “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” dropdown, choose “latest – The latest branch”
    If you want to return to the stable branch, select “NONE – The regular version of the game.”

ok. thank you! inventory is a real issue with my town XD


The option is not there anymore?

We’ll add a fix for this, thanks!

Can I ask what are the risks of removing the limit? I’ve always figured it was to stop it from using up memory thus causing lag.

P.S. what is also the risk of speed 3? I never understood…

Simulation. More things that need to be processed in less time.

The inventory limit is because the more items are laying around, the more things that the hearthlings have to think about.

what if EVERYTHING is in one “high capacity” storage container? Does that help with their thinking? Objects wouldn’t be on the ground but I’d be over the normal max.

You would think so, but unfortunately it doesn’t help too much, because we have to iterate through the storage the keep track of all of the items in there in the same way as a stockpile.

So is that what stone, wood, and clay piles help do? Make say, a capacity of 18 items, into 1? Or does it still register it as 18 items?

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Yes, I think they only count as 1 item. In their code they have a resource_node value set to 18, the amount it took to craft it. So you get what you put into it, while keeping the number of items down. I wonder what other things I could apply this concept to in game to cut down on item count hahaha

There is a mod I use called giant piles (I think that’s the one) which let’s you do ingots, coal, ore, etc.

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Oh yeah! I forgot about that one, might be easier to just use that mod instead of making my own inside mine…