Town inventory glitch (Town inventory and When you Edit a building)

I built a pretty big storage house, upon completion, I went into my town inventory, and had to individually place each chest. Upon placing almost 60 chests, I noticed the town inventory had not moved once. I then noticed that in order for the town inventory to actually increase and not have to click on the chest, I had to actually EDIT the building its self and select the chest in the building editor.

If I am following correctly. I understand that you built a building and after it was completed you manually placed 60 chests you had already crafted from your towns inventory. The Hearthling did not place the chests in the building until you edited the building and used the editor to place the chests.

I have experienced instances where I was constructing a building and before it is completed, trying to manually place items from my inventory into it. The Hearthling will not place the items during construction and then after the building is constructed unless I recraft the item they still do not place them from the current inventory. If this is the case it may have been an issue where the Hearthlings did not receive (or update) the completion notification the first time but did on the 2nd time.

I was slightly confused about looking for the town inventory to increase. Are you talking about the town inventory cap, which is the (amount of items you have/maximum items you can have). If so creating chests or designating stockpile areas does not increase inventory cap. Inventory cap is based on population.

So, The building was fully built. I went into my inventory manually (Clicking on the chest 1 by 1, it did not auto place like usual. Anyway, from there they were placed and objects where then put into the chests, soon to find out it did not increase my town inventory, I then tried to edited the building, and placed the chests that way, the towns inventory increased. Unfortunately In the end result I still had to remove the chests that were already placed.

Did you save the building templet, I could see if I can reproduce it if you upload it.

the town inventory in the inventory tab in the UI is the absolute limit of the number of items you can have in your town, it’ll read 967/1200 or something like that. This does not show your inventory capacity only the hard limit on the number of items you can have. If you are running out of space it normally means you have an over abundance of something and should probably just sell it and buy something more useful.

You can only raise this limit by getting more hearthlings, it increases by roughly 150 items per hearthing.

Radiant should probably change it to:
number of items you own/ towns storage capacity/ hard limit on inventory capacity.
As it is miss leading at current.

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il record it an upload tonight.