[Ack] Involving Stockpiles/Wood (would be hard to explain in the title as it is rather complicated)

Settlers who are building go to the house that is being built, take wood off. then go back to stockpiles and drop the wood and then pick up the same piece e of wood right away (instantly after the drop animation) and walk back to the house being built to build with that wood.

Villagers also will go to a stockpile to put down wood, drop it, pick it up and put it back down again and walk off.

seems to be an AI bug.

It is pretty easy to reproduce, build a house while chopping trees

Excpected, villagers build house by going to stockpile to grab wood and heading to the house. If they are removing wood from a house they should remove it then bring to a stockpile and walk away.
If the villager is chopping they should bring the wood to the stockpile, and walk away or directly bring the wood from the tree to the house that is under construction.

What happens:
Villagers will go to the house, take wood off of it, bring it back to the stockpile, then pick the same piece up again, then head back to the house to build.

Also, villagers will sometimes decide (when bringing wood back from chopping) to drop their wood at the stockpile, then pick the same piece of wood back up, then drop it in the stockpile (again).

It is: Minor

Yes I am running r34,

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Yes, we’ve noticed this too. They don’t take wood off the house exactly–more like, they take the wood they were already carrying, which is not yet used up, back to the stockpile, and then return to the house. We’re looking into this.

In the meantime, we think they’re being paid by the hour.



Could this also be linked to the issue with houses not costing the same amount of wood to construct. could taking the wood that’s been used a couple times back to the stockpile reset it back to a full piece of wood?

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Good insight; yes. My guess (without looking at the code and testing it) is that scaffolding costs 1/5th of a wood block to build, and yields 1 whole wood block when deconstructed.

so, i know you just mentioned it was your guess, but in general, do you think this is to be a variable amount of lumber, or a set amount?

The # of wood you set in the “stacks” variable in the “item” component for the wood block is (I think) what determines how much wood can be used in construction before you run out of that block. So this is highly variable, and can be tweaked as we figure out balance.

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excellent, thanks! :smile: