Villager inefficiency

My carpenter lies idle even though i have designated them tasks to complete in their workshop…
Also when building villagers leave random wood blocks on top of structures.

Carpenter is continuing to not make anything.

Update: briefly switching away, then back to their job seems to correct this.

But now I am also having an issue where they will not complete building a structure.


Firstly welcome!

The issue with resources being left on rooftop is very well known, Here’s the main bug report for resources left on the roofs:

As for the carpenter idle issue, I’m glad it’s fixed for now, I have had a good look and can’t seem to find any threads that reported a similar issue, So thanks for that report! :smile:


Thanks for the update!

But unfortunately a new problem turned up; stated above, and I am trying to figure it out.

Update: Looking at it again I believe this was due to my error as I accidentally built the structure too close to a cliff.

Perhaps implement coding to disable the player to building structures into a cliff?


Do you have a screen shot of the errors? As a new user you can’t upload them but if you add them to a website like A mod or a crab can embed them for you!

As for building near cliff, It’s going to be similar anywhere if your hearthlings can’t place scaffold around the structure.

This however is already a reported bug:

Hope that helped :wink:


Awesome thank you! :slight_smile:


Here’s a post I made about fixing idle hearthlings and other problems, should help you out with a few of the problems you’ve mentioned … Idle Hearthlings, Unfinished Builds and Ghost Items? Here’s a Fix!

This helped a lot thank you!

Depending on what you mean by “near”, it’s actually possible to get around the issue with building up against a cliff, providing your Hearthlings don’t decide to not start building at all. You’ll simply have to manually place ladders inside the house (max 2 empty voxels between ladders) to let them build the next level of wall.

I imagine this wouldn’t work if part of the structure is actually INSIDE the cliff, but for my silly built-into-the-hill structures, this has worked out so far. It’s micro-managey as all get-out, but it’ll get the job done. :wink:


Another issue that seems to be apparent is that my villagers do not pick up drops from monsters.

For that you have to use the looting key. It’s not automatic. I mention it in the other post lol.

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huh thats interesting…