Bug report: building next to water results in well this


found that if you build near water the game tends to bug out the buildings and try to do ladders like so this will result in the building never being completed. no clue if this has been reported or not. though with how easy it is to get to happen guessing it is likely to have been reported.

On a side note, if you build a building next to a cliff and the roof overlaps the building will freak out on that point and stop until you mine out the overlap area. though if you where to do the same with another building it results in this overlapping voxel glitch which just looks strange.

Build a ladder into the water and it should solve it, at least as a workaround for now.


Not exactly a bug but it is annoying as heck as viper said build a ladder into the water and your hearthlings will build it


good to know, and thank you.

Placing items next to cliffs can also result in those ghost ladders. Sometimes even restoring the goblin camp does, if it was close to the edge. But hopefully the building rework should solve these issues eventually.

that reminds me about 1/5 of the time when I restore a goblin camp the worker just gives up half way though and doesn’t finish. usually caused by them getting hungry or tired.

That’s expected if he gets hungry or sleepy, since the camp is so far away. But eventually someone should come and finish the restoration, unless everyone’s super busy. There’s a bug that they leave a hole where the dirt pile was, though.

Noticed that, makes me wish there was a dirt block item, especially for buildings I want to put a tree on a house.

I think that there’s nothing preventing you from placing a sapling inside a finished building :thinking:
It might not grow much if it doesn’t have enough space.

its more the I can’t make an actual grass roof yeah I can place the plant there but i just looks strange with out grass.

would be nice to have a planter item that comes in 1x1 and 2x2 squares just for planting decorative plants… eh will make a suggestion topic for that stuff with some generated plant ideas.

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