[Con] Badly placed goblin camp

My first goblin camp, and it’s really badly placed


Another one


Here is another one:


thanks for the confirmation @leetcat (and including your image from the merged report)… :+1:


That house defies gravity more than the usual trees when they spawn like that…

Hi guys, this is my first bug report, but i thought id give it a try :smile:

In my game, the goblin Town spawned really
weird in a corner near a Mountain. One building was placed on a tree, the second one
on higher ground. A goblin stands on a block on the wall and cant move.
( I wanted to add a screenshot but it said i’m not allowed, because i’m a new member :confused: ). I couldnt reproduce it, since i have no influence on
the goblin spawnpoint. It’s the only time, it happened to me, but since its kinda weird
i thought i should post it here.

I’m using the latest dev build ( develop 2310 ) without any mods.

Edit: Screenshot on imgur ( thx Raffo )

I think thats all :smile:
Greets Zaj0


It’s well known by now that the goblin camps can spawn in incredibly stupid positions, but I’d really love to see this one on the tree! :smiley:

Can you upload the screenshot somewhere else (e.g. imgur)? Then someone here can embed it for the time being (basically passing on the favor, Steve did for me after I signed up ^^).

Do you have a screenshot, id love to see that

I never used imgur before, so i hope this one worked :slight_smile: Thx for the hint


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hahaha, oh my god, lol… what i would say (unless you have done otherwise) is keep the save… do not chop the tree down… build a ladder to the tent, when they/if they attack you, you have access to the tent and can destroy it (i dont know if you can destroy their buildings, i never tried) that is a very heavy lol moment if ever there was :smiley:

A goblin treehouse! Beautiful! ^^

quick question, how many days did you guys play before the camp spawns? I haven’t gotten any after 10 games played till around 11-12 days before there’s so many crashes i’m forced to get a new one xD

Not sure if this’ll answer your question but the goblin camps are set to spawn when your net worth is greater than 3500.


the screenshot shows also an spawn bug of the enemies ^^ they spawn at the firepit and cant move them - this also happens on a correct placed camp

and here two pics of the false placing from buyed items :wink:

I think this one is the worst yet. These goblins like to live on the edge.

I can’t post images, so have a link to imgur: http://imgur.com/0xSMCkG

Edit, yay granted img ability:


Still problems with 210.

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This is the same problem as the trees spawning on edges. They should address this issue at some point, and probably the solution will serve for all similar situations.

The concern that I have is that the trees usually spawn very near, making forests, and if there’s not enough space near your town to spawn an entire camp on the same terrain level without overlapping it with trees or mountains, well… I think that’s what is happening now :sweat_smile:

jup i think it when they resolve this issue the tree issue should also be resolved xD

my main issue is that the camp has is own bottom ^^ 4 camps and my map has lots of holes ^^ not nice :wink: i think it should spawn on the normal map ground without his own bottom ^^

I don’t think goblins know how to build floors… It’s true that it affects your town surroundings. But it also has a nice touch, so you know exactly how big is the camp, and make it distinguishable.