[Dup] Goblin Tent Spawned on Tree

Hi guys, this is my first bug report, but i thought id give it a try :smile:

In my game, the goblin Town spawned really
weird in a corner near a Mountain. One building was placed on a tree, the second one
on higher ground. A goblin stands on a block on the wall and cant move.
( I wanted to add a screenshot but it said i’m not allowed, because i’m a new member :confused: ). I couldnt reproduce it, since i have no influence on
the goblin spawnpoint. It’s the only time, it happened to me, but since its kinda weird
i thought i should post it here.

I’m using the latest dev build ( develop 2310 ) without any mods.

Edit: Screenshot on imgur ( thx Raffo )

I think thats all :smile:
Greets Zaj0


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