Goblin Camp Spawn In Village

I had been playing for a couple minutes, until a goblin camp spawned in the middle of my village! The game just crashed from there.

How big was your village?
I believe the determinant of the goblin village spawn is distance for your city’s banner…

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It was… very small. I had one building, and 3 farms, all clumped together so that I used minimal space. What happened was I was playing, and then the goblin camp spawned next to all my creations. Maybe 5 - 10 blocks away from them. Then the program freaked out and crashed. It may have been a bit bigger, but I think you get the idea

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Did the goblin camp spawn in your “light spot”

What do you mean by that?

Which version of the game are you playing?

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Alpha 10. The most recent one

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First, uh, Welcome aboard, @Void_Justice!
Second, do you have a screenshot? If you could upload it to imgur or somewhere and link to it, I’m sure the mods would be more than happy to embed it for you.


Thanks! Sadly, I don’t have a screenshot nor a save…

im thinking that @xXSlimeyXx meant, is it within the explored region, the part that no longer had the fog of war.

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Oh yes. It was definitely inside my “light spot”

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hmm… thats strange as it should spawn outside of the “light spot”…

are you playing the unstable build? (release 335)


@8BitCrab and @Void_Justice
can you please stop emphasising the phrase "light spot"
You’re making me feel stupid :sob:

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I am quite sure it was release two hundred sixty something, but definitely not in the three hundreds, and I’ll stop saying it.

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Good news! This happened to me also just recently
But it didn’t crash me
plus it was far away from my banner…
(Now I have live with that big ugly dirt next to my village T_T)

Okay Played the game now on steam and i did not have 1 Goblin Camp Spawned in my Village but 2 and 1 very close by.
I reaaaally dislike them spawning out of thin air including zombies/skeleton stuff they should only be able to spawn a bit further out of the village or atleast not in plain sight! they should spawn in Fog of war and you need to look for them if you want to get rid of the pesky invaders because my damn wall is so god damn Pointless when they spawn in a corner of my Village or in my fenced in Grain fields, also spawning inside a 4 by 4 mine shaft seems odd where did they come from there should be a way to prevent spawining i tryed to light stuff with lamps like in minecraft but that did not work at all.
Ah and about the ugly dirt imagine having that in your corn field which floats now in the air.

(Im aware this is alpha im just making suggestions to the problems i encoutered, also sorry if my english is a bit broke im not nativ english =) )

as for screen i can provide that.


the picture explains it all bug possably?

Edit: 5 mins after discovery i demolished his base and him (viciously i might add ) and the battle music is still playing with no goblins on the map at all

Similar thing happened to me, goblin camp spawned in the mine in my village and destroyed over a max size storage space worth of ore.

@Minamitsu sorry to hear you lost good ore man i have discovered the cause i think theres a bug in the code of when the game is looking for a spot inside the discovered area it looks for the closest active hearthing and places a base 500 voxels from that hearthing in a random direction

hmmm normally it should look for a place over the 500 voxel limit around the center( the townflag) -.-

pointing @Albert