Goblin Spawned in a small horde

Goblins were being a pain so I reinforced the reinforced door with picket fences to keep them from coming through the wall.
I also boxed some in after they spawned 3 times in the same spot in one daytime cycle. After awhile the ones outside the wall despawned and I had killed the last batch inside and finished my large box and they never spawned again in that spot. Days and days of peaceful bliss and 8 of them spawned at once inside the wall and proceeded to attack. They killed my footman and 2 workers before I managed to kill them all. which left me with only 4 villagers but that’s another bug for another thread.picture showing spawn point

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There is a stockpile (where the goblins burn the stuff) that decides where they spawn. If you delete it they stop spawning. You have to find it first (though it seems you already did) this means sending men after the goblins and following with the camera until you find the slightly darker spot that shows up as a stockpile in the editor.

So not a bug, you just needed to delete the stockpile.

They’re suppose to spawn at the edge of explored area (unless the code was changed and I missed it being posted). Which they did. Until I blocked their passage. Then they spawned inside the known area past my walls they couldn’t get through.And when they spawned it wasn’t just 2 or 3. They spawned 8 of the little buggers.


But you see where the little fire is? That’s the stockpile they have, it spawned on the edge and the you built a wall with it on the inside, they only stop spawning when the stockpiles are gone, but stockpiles only spawn inside fog-of-war. So really if you had destroyed their stockpile they wouldn’t have spawned like that.

Either way it sounds like a bug to me:

  1. Goblins spawning inside explored territory.
  2. Goblins spawning at a goblin stockpile that was in unexplored territory but is now in explored territory.
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So. all peaceful while building town, got lots up. then i reload game and this happens.

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hmm… were you actually in peaceful mode?

26 confirmed goblins in that picture, and potentially 28 but it is too hard to confirm. It seems my Sorrow of SkinnyTurtle represents many such unfortunate villages.

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no no, just when i reloaded game, Because of AI bug, this was a lil surprise. they all came at once, i have a mine entrance right there, covered by arrow, fortunately i have 6 foot man patrolling by ladder up to me they killed them all with villagers help. i have a lot of stock in warehouses i build that u don’t see. and it seems the goblin before reload didn’t approach till after. which meant lots of them, outside the pic there was 5 more camps that i could see coming lol. it was fun to watch and worry about.

then the fire nation attacked


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i didnt notice it was a bug to me, they was setting out there before the reload. it was fun to me

So two things going on here:

1st: The stockpile should delete itself if you kill the goblins (the original post). So they shouldn’t be re spawning from there.

2: We still have pathfinding issues with the goblins. There should never be more than 3 in a group according to the code.

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We are going to revise our goblin spawning code when we revisit combat after A7. Stay tuned! Until then I can confirm that if the AI DM cannot find a place in unexplored territory to put the goblins, it may spawn them in explored territory. Imagine that they dug up out of the ground with little shovels. :wink: