Alpha 9 Unstable: Goblin Glitch

I didn’t get the goblins there stuff, they are now infinitely spawning reinforcements. I’ve lost everyone. Help?

i know the goblin campaigns have been introduced (or rewritten), but i wonder if this may in some small part be related to any of these reports?


Well, what happens for me is marauders, workers, warriors, and theives are spawning in groups of 4 every 5 seconds. Once they spawn they go straight for my town. My game is getting laggy from all of them!

Same here on my first try, but I was 90% finished with my camp wall by the time they started coming, so I kept taking out the waves and eventually got my wall finished. A very exciting few moments!

I built up my footmen a bit and went full force into the goblin camp and wiped them out. Victory!

thanks… so you refused the goblins, and are experiencing the spawn as well?

I refused them and they came. Oh, how they came. Fought them off each wave that came. Finally moving into the chief’s camp and killing him as well.

Afterwards, goblins (looked like little ninjas) continued spawning. Took them out as well, but soon they stopped spawning and none ever since.

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Just got an idea. Since you can change jobs whenever, maybe convert your whole town to footmen, then attack?

Hi, I’ve just encountered this problem on a newly started game in Alpha 9. On Day 6 we got our second demand of goods and I refused (we paid the first one). The chief immediately began sending wave after wave of goblin raiders. We fended off most of them but lost 2 in the battles. As mentioned, they were coming every 5-10 minutes there for awhile and no one could do anything but wait for the next round of goblins.

Then, all of a sudden, the assault stopped. The village for these goblins is really close to my Hearthlings which may have something to do with why they kept coming so quickly, they didn’t have to travel across the map at all.

I kept an eye on the village but forgot for a couple of days but then when I looked I was amazed to see tons of really highly armored and weaponed goblins all spawned in mid-air over the goblin’s green campfire… only the chief was walking around. The rest just glitched out there unable to move with the ‘fight’ thought bubble.

I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see. It’s now Day 12 or 14 I can’t remember and there are so many of them there’s no way my villagers could even begin to plan an attack on the goblin camp to try clearing those all out.

Hope this helps. Something’s broken with how they spawn or where they spawn or the spawn rate.

PS: It just occurred to me this is the same problem I have with some goods delivered from traders too… they ‘spawn’ right over my village camp-fire in mid-air about the same height as these goblins all stacked up on top of one another so it likely has to do with stuck spawn points.

Yeah, that’s similar, but for me they sent 4 goblins every 5 seconds, no joke. By the time my town was killed, my 3-month old computer was lagging like crazy.