Alpha 20 goblin chieftan camp not spawning

were the requirements changed or what im at 7500 value and they still nto spawned

net worth now at 11500 and still no goblin warchief camp :*( i wanna wtreck him so i can move on to the wolves

Sounds like they couldn’t find a place to spawn. Upload the savefile and we’ll take a look. (5.9 MB)

also side note the footman /knights/archers/clerics arent patrolling the city correctly there just spinning in circles

Do you have a mod installed?
Like patrol points?

nope i do not sir :slight_smile:

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They are patrolling the same farm over and over again. I’ve asked devs to take a look at the savefile.

I think the goblin camp won’t spawn, though. It needed some path to your town but I think it already exceeded the number of retries to find a location.

so my save is broke i cant progress thrugh the story line?

This is a savefile with a camp spawned, if you want it: (6.0 MB)

thats my save with the goblin camp forced

Yes. Because I think your savefile can’t progress the goblin campaign without cheating, so I made a path to the mountains (with a ladder) and spawned the camp with debug tools.

Check the notifications to see the camp dialog and accept / decline as you want.

ill check it out thanks for fixing these gobs

Sorry, I’ll reupload a new one, one second.

lol i ahhanialated him and the notifications still progressed

millitary is also patrolling the same farm plot over and over on this one aswell

That’s good.

But I’ll give you another file, don’t want my mods to affect your gameplay: (6.0 MB)

Looks like you also have mods installed?

Yes, I’ve notified the devs. Not sure why they are doing that.

im not aware of any mods installed playing clean alpha 20

i didnt get an engine error on the second file thanks for this i really wanted to beat the campaign

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