[Res] No Goblins Spawning

Now this is VERY annoying but Enemy’s NEVER spawn and it ruins the game for me
Not sure if it IS a bug, Might be my spawn but still

Try creating a new world

though its slightly stupid question, it needs to be asked, did you accidentally choose peaceful game-mode?

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you have no clue how hard it was to stop me from asking that question myself lol

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Either you have the game on peaceful mode, or this is another bug. I haven’t played A11 in awhile so I’m not sure if I’m experiencing the same thing, but here are some notes:

  • Undead have trouble spawning, or are completely unable to spawn for some reason
  • It seems like all the time 60% of the time, the frequency of goblin thieves has been tuned down or disabled altogether until you get the chieftain’s camp.
  • The chieftain’s camp doesn’t spawn until 4-4.5k net worth anymore.

Just wait, but don’t neglect defenses just in case!

Or the really unlucky roll many times in a row…

How many in-game days have passed for your game, @Cr0ssley ?
How high is your Net Worth?

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Net Worth is 2910.1
and 15 Days
Although I did spawn in a flat spot surrounded by mountains (it’s good for defence)

do you mean that there is no way to get to your hearthlings due to cliffs and the like outside of the small area you’re encamped in? if so, weaken your defense. place a bunch of ladders all over the mountains so troops can easily traverse the terrain and get to your encampment. they may not be spawning because there is no suitable terrain to spawn on and they can’t just spawn on top of your campfire. there’s a reason mobs typically don’t spawn on mountain-tops - there’s no way to get from the mountain-tops to your base. if you make ladders up there, though, they will spawn up there.

I’ll try and get to 4.5K Net worth and see if it is fixed (I’m only at 2.9K)
and No I’m not on Peaceful
But I’ll recreate the world

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I’ve made a Stair Build and I place it 1-2 time on the cliff face
and I make sure there is space to expand my town and for Hearthling to reach my town

ok, just making sure. the issue with impenetrable defenses is that, if enemies can’t reach your town, they won’t spawn, because they can’t spawn on the town, they only spawn a ways away. if the enemy is capable of spawning a ways away and can still reach your town after a bit of walking, then it’s either bad (or good?) dice rolls, the low spawn rate, a combination of both, or maybe the fact that your net worth is just too low.

if you wanna raise your net worth quickly, build a bunch of those shared housing bunkers. those apparently give you the biggest bang for your buck, and are easy to make anyway.

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I didn’t get any goblins until the chieftains camp had already spawned, and that was at 4k net worth for me. He also needs a pretty big place to spawn, so if the mountains aren’t too large I would mine out a huge tunnel to the nearest grassland.

but the chieftain camp did spawn and you did get goblins, right?

Yep. Within a day of the chieftain’s camp spawning I got two smaller goblin encampments to the south of my village.

oh, whoops, for some reason I thought you were OP lol.

Lol it’s fine. Now that I think about it, the rewards of a huge tunnel through a mountain would be cool, especially in his position. Only one location where goblins could come from, and a huge amount of ore and stone.

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if your only at 2.9k net worth, then im going to say this isn’t actually a bug, as @MyCoal417 said, you need higher then 4k net worth for the campaign to start.

if even after you get that high of a net worth, and have waited 3-5 in game days and still nothing happens, then this might be a bug, but that’s still not likely.

so for now ive changed the category to gameplay.

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Hi there! Would it be possible to get a screen shot of your town so I can see where you’ve settled? I do know that sometimes the code has trouble finding spawn locations for goblins. Also, did you get any undead spawns at night?
Thanks for reporting this!


Yup I got above 4K Net Worth and receved a Goblin camp

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good to hear, i’ve tagged it as resolved :smile:

hmm… not sure whether to close this topic or to leave it open for further discussion… i’ll go with the latter…