Not being invaded until goblin camp?

Playing the last build.
After making 3 villages up to day 10 or beyond, I realize that my camp never got invaded my skeletons and zombies. And also the goblin camp is spawning a lillte sooner and closer to my village (very often inside trapping fields).
This is indented or a bug? In my opinion, quite annoying because footmans are not leveling up before the goblins spawn.


I’m afraid the goblins and undead spawn randomly, and right now, it is a pure random fn, instead of a weighted random fn. (On the TODO list. The very long TODO list.) It is possible, though unlikely, to never get invaded.

The goblin camp spawns at the same time as before (net worth 3500) but items are worth more now than they used to be (score system update) so it may feel sooner than before. Ideally, how long would you like before they appear?


Last map I made got 3500 networth on the 5th day… No invasions and my camp only had a ground wall in one side, leaving all the othe angles open.

Major problem here was the footman staying at level zero due no enemies to fight, but I also think the spawn requirement should be increased together with the itens worth. Not really sure about a specific number to increase it… maybe 5k? Or perhaps a population requiement insted of networth?

Goblin camps still need to be a challange for the player too. But as I said, major problem was the footman not being able to level up before it.


had the same problem… the only way my footman level is from random attacks by the undeads and goblins but now… nothing -_-

I think they need to add Fodder mobs and spread them around the map like some of the animals. Not as challenging as event mobs but just enough. This way you can train your footmen and also feel like your actively clearing and making the area safe.

High HP little attack power.

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