[Suggestion] Mobs

I think for the next patch they really need to work with the aggressive Mobs.
In Alpha 10, there were many mob related stuff, like goblin camps, zombies, hordes, and I think wolves also.
In Alpha 10.5, I haven’t seen more than 3 goblins at a time, haven’t seen a goblin camp or hordes.
Did they delete this stuff or is it really rare?

There may have been a bit of balancing, to where you’d need more net worth to trigger the camps. However, that stuff is still there!

You need around 3k net worth for the first govlin camp to spawn, and undead spawns are random-ish. Each gets progressively harder as your net worth increases.

Some people have also said that goblins spawn in the camp more frequently, allowing for huge armies for you to be slaughtered by fight. I’ve never seen this, possobly due to the fact that I manage to stay peaceful with the goblins for a prolonged period of time until I can just wreck em in one fell swoop.


You need around 2.5k networth for a goblin camp to spawn, and around the time wolves also start to spawn with them you will gain two notifications related to them. One of them is the goblin chieftain/leader of the camp who demands resources in return they won’t attack that day, and the second one is a fellow hearthling who warns you they have been recently attack by a goblin camp and advise you to run that is when wolves start to spawn.

The net worth threshold for the goblin raiding camp to spawn is actually 3,500

   "wait_for_net_worth_info" :  {
      "threshold" : 3500,

It might take a little while after hitting 3500 to have the camp spawn however.


I was close :wink:

Also I believe you can minimize the amount if wolves that will attack if you stop the goblins from taming them.

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And soon we will see kobolds and orcs!