Goblin Camp and Wealth

So after reading the notes from the updates yesterday, I was under the impression that the goblins would only setup shop after a good deal longer, IE more than 2 days. Much to my (not) surprise, by the morning of the second day they were setting up camp, before I had finished laying the floor on my usual starting hall.

So, this raises an issue. I know I triggered the event because I started my town in the middle of a forest and cut down quite a few trees, enough to get about 30 or so logs. This created enough wealth to attract them, even though I hadn’t built a building yet. A pile of wood and berries doesn’t seem like something a goblin chief would attack and shakedown. I may be misled here though.

I would recommend 2 things.

  1. Increase the wealth to spawn them substantially. With the current goblin difficulty, you either have to make several footmen right away or try to wall yourself in immediately. This seems less than ideal for what should be a challenge to your town, not necessarily a game ender within the first three days.

  2. Insert a check for number of days passed. Set it to three or four, so that way you have a few hearthlings extra to try and train up and equip. As the game develops more, this should be more than enough time to get ready for any attacks.

So yeah. Normally I wouldn’t make a comment on it, but I just didnt really notice a difference in the spawn timings of the camp from the last version, so figured I would run this by.


I think, the easier solution would be to simply rebalance the impact that raw materials (like said logs, plain hunk of stones and berries) to a lot less, simply so that your wealth won’t just to crazy levels within 5 minutes into the game.

This will also have the added bonus, that you will actually have to care about wealth at some point to get new settlers, instead of just trying to get food. I never looked into this, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised that simply by having enough food for a new hearthling automatically creates enough wealth for them, too. ^^


I did look into this a little, it might for the first villager, but after that what’s gonna give you your value is the walls, structures, actual chests of gold, etc.

I think both of these suggestions would work well, maybe even together?

Funny how this works out for people. First thing I have been doing is walling in my camp, even before making beds or promoting beyond the trapper and farmer (to get food rolling). I’ve always had plenty of time this way and the Goblin Chief message seems to be on about the 5th day or so. Once I got my wall built (with door and ladders for path finding), I was able to take a breather and get the rest of the camp in order before I had to worry about them attacking.

By then I had a couple of guards so I took them and the whole camp and just met the Goblins half way to my camp, wiped them out and went on to take out the Goblin Chief.

Nice little battle plan, but a shame no more goblins after that. From then on, it’s peaceful mode.

The game is too unstable to play much beyond this, but it would be nice, as your wealth improves, to later be visited by a bigger, badder Goblin Chief…


Apparently, the whole Goblin camp with its chief etc is just the first part of a much larger goblin campaign. Tom indicated that what we have so far is only 1/3rd of the whole Goblin thing,