Just a few suggestions

  • perhaps crating a job specifically for building. My characters have done mainly anything else but building.
  • When characters are assigned a specific job, they only carry out that specific job. I needed to create a few items for the goblins, but my characters where just focusing on anything but. As a result they attacked.
  • Create the ability to explore. The only way I’ve found is to harvest the items.
  • When mining the character just mine at will. Perhaps they could mine one level at a time.
  • task prioritization list for the characters. So you can make one villager collect the items before he mines, and another to mine before he collects. That way they can work in unison.
  • perhaps with the militia/swordsmen, you can choose when to attack and when to regroup to the flag. One of the chieftain passed my settlement to use my ladder and as a result one of my newly upgraded warrior attacked him. Luckily enough the the chieftain did not attack back, for some reason. I presume its to do with the fact that the option to attack hasn’t been created yet.

But ye, here are just a few experiences so far :smile:


You can create a party with the hearthlings you want to move around the map! Then just place the way point where you want them to go :smiley:

The only issue with the party system i have at the moment is, when you have them moving to a way point you placed down or standing at that area. Your hearthlings will not eat or sleep!

Other than that you can freely move your Hearthlings anywhere you want!

Thanks, never really understood that feature, haha

I’ve played the game long enough to have 17 citizens but the main building is still not done
just as example of the building issue


That is an impressive hall complex, you’re aiming for there! :wink:

ive tried a few ways, but my next layout is for all of it to exist within one tower

Tower? I’m excited to see screenshots of that, and intrigued to try one myself. :wink: