Raiding the goblins

I was wondering if we could turn the tables on the goblins.
Lets say that a goblin camp spawns. It has a few workers and may be a couple of soldiers. You send them your footmen but instead of killing them staight away you ask them for goods to let them be. Just the same their chieftain did to you earlier. It’ll be change!
What do you think?

Have fun, Kyth.


Great suggestion but it depends what you are going to demand, you can’t just expect them to craft or harvest something

So far I have seen that, when a goblin camp spawns, it has a stockpile. Goblins harvest wood to light their fire and they also will pick up any loot left behind by killed goblins and undead. And they will also have anything they can steal from us. All of this they will bring to their stockpile given enough time. We should be able to ask for any of those items.

I have also been thinking that not killing them immediately may open a couple of posibilities.

  • If we ask a lot from them, they’ll keep hating us. But the extra time will allow them to get more population, as we do get more settlers, and eventualy become more of a threat than they are now.
  • Or, If we treat them fairly, a relationship could form between both groups. We may even end up trading with the goblins. Buy things from them that we don’t have like the skull token decorations or the green fireplace, maybe even tamed wolf-cubs from their tamer.

The first option looks promising, the second one may be too far fetched.

Have fun. Kyth.


The second option seems pretty cool.
Sorta like Fire and Water getting along with each other.


Not completely on topic but a form of raid upon the goblins with the aid of an actual possible bug or missing code:

Each goblin camp is made of a stockpile and a skull fire pit. Clean the goblin’s camp but DON’T let your footmen destroy the fire pit. From there, send a worker to pick the fire pit and put it somewhere in your camp. Do a fence (not too small) around the now alone goblin stockpile and you get an unlimited goblin spawning spot to train your footmen! :smile:

If you want to end the training, just destroy the skull fire pit, that will also destroy the stockpile (and so the spawning point of goblins).

As this is a kind of exploit, I suppose the code should not allow the player to pick a skull fire place…

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Goblin Diplomacy and Goblin Development would greatly enhance the game (IMO).

This way, traders aren’t invisible pop-ups, they are physical beings.

It would be really exciting to see a “Goblin Civilization” where the goblins build structures and become more than just a campfire.