Goblin Griefing

Hi. Picked up the game back up after the recent update. I am in around day 10 or so and a goblin camp event has spawned and now I have goblin raiders diving for my loot piles. They ignore my soldiers and rush straight for my stock piles and proceed to “hit” my items making them disappear. Because of their disregard for defending themselves my soldiers eventually clean them up but of course I am still missing a great number of items now. I don’t know if the goblins are supposed to be “stealing” them or just destroying my items. If they are stealing my items then they certainly don’t drop those items and I don’t get them back, and if they are just destroying my items then that is massively rude and disrespectful. I lost all of my gold because of their bum rush and the fact that my gold was in one single stack apparently. This need to not be a thing.

Otherwise, the new builder is doing quite well, but the game still doesn’t seem to like lights.


Yes, there are enemies that will steal items (the goblin thieves with hoods, for example) and some will aim to destroy your economy by destroying your stuff :stuck_out_tongue: It is intended as far as I can tell.

Build up walls, rooms with doors or chests to protect your stuff :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with this decision. It does not make sense to me to throw away your own life just to ignore the defenders and smash what you can. Ignore defenders and take what you can, I can get behind that, but this is griefing done by children in video games abusing respawn mechanics. All this does it punish players for using stock piles.

I will move all of my items into chests now, but I still do not agree with or like this decision.


just form your base on a foothill and cut off ladders when enemies come use archers to finish mobs off.

There are plenty of workarounds, but @PyreStarite’s argument is still valid, that it’s nonsensical, counter-intuitive, and overly-punitive behavior that mostly just discourages using one of the core (and first introduced) systems in the game.


The great Paul gets it. If you don’t want us to use stock piles then this is how you do it.

Oh, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:
I don’t disagree with you, I agree that goblins just dying and sacrificing themselves (throwing their actual lives away) just to grief you makes no sense :3

I just meant to come with practical solutions, I’m sorry if it sounded like I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

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just see it like they were ordered to suicide attack your camp in order to weaken you and pave the road for the great invasion :upside_down_face:
and yeah, is annoying when you are hitting also wolves and they just keep eating your stuff :tired_face:

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This gamemechanic is rather crude yes. The purpose is obvious though and fairly easy to counteract?

Is it really so gamebreaking at this point? Maybe in the future it could get an overhaul, but we just recieved the titan encounter and i cant wait to see your feedback on that :slight_smile:

Thank you :heartpulse:

It’s a bit kamikaze, yes. Then again I just see it as an incentive not to keep your stuff outside and exposed to the elements :’)

Kamikaze enemies can make sense, but not in the context of gobelins. Enemies should never ignore when they’re being hit.

Griefer gobelins could, for example, destroy resources then run away when they’re being hit, then go back to the resources when defenders stop attacking.

It looks like there’s already a fear debuff when people get hit. Maybe just apply that to griefers when they’re being hit and resume their destructive behaviour when the fear ends, and that could provide more realistic gameplay.


They do run away, only when their health is low. After a second they dive right back for the items. My issue is that they ignore defenders. Please don’t give them such an obsessive focus on destroying items over self-defense.


Or at the very least we should get the items back once you defeat the goblins. Like I understand that destroying the village’s stuff weakens the village but it would make most sense for them to steal it to boost themselves while also weakening the enemy. Maybe they are meant to just take stuff and drop the items when they die but there is a bug?

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I been here a long time, going to say this is intended if i remember right for a few factors. The goblins are rude and crude it their whole gist, but its also there for if you make them mad and dont give into demands with the chief. also the smaller camp are suppose to grief you, even if you dont do the quest to right off to either give in to demands or go to war with them. Its also suppose to encourage you to build walls around your town to keep them at bay.

your soldier should attack them if your at war with them, but if you went passive or put the quest to the side they may ignore them. make sure ur stock pile are easy to patrol or grab the patrol mod to set up your own patrols.

lastly this also encourages you to eventually stop laying stock on ground and start using the crates and chest, or even build a warehouse or underground storage.

To be honest i enjoy the rudeness of the goblins as if i was one of them and saw items laying on the ground i would take it and run off, and if i couldn’t figure out how to use, then destroy it. its a push to the player to upgrade your town and find ways to stop them form doing it.


Right, but would you keep destroying items as soldiers were attacking you, up to the point that you died, instead of running away or fighting back? That’s the contentious point.

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well if you think about it, if a raider (suicide) comando is spotted while they’re doing their stuff they will try to destroy as much as they can before leaving(if there was that option) or dying in the place
of course it usually works by few people destroying stuff and the rest fighting back…

for the game i believe it would need something like build/haul/mine/job and priorities to divide the group and also the capability to change them acording to the current situation…
as an example, the ones that are non being atacked set priority to destroy and the others to fight
but this could end changing priorities every second as we will be targeting each one :upside_down_face:
also i don’t know if there is a way to do that

ohhh what about a goblin job that has the shout skill of the knight so our armies focus on him leaving the other to destroy at will?

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And those are options for how it could be implemented such that some of their current behavior makes sense. Currently, however, it doesn’t. And considering that all goblins run away when being attacked at low health, they do consider their lives valuable and aren’t mindless suicide item-killers. And they’re not trying to cause as much damage as they can: it’s not like they’re targeting the highest value items in your stockpiles, they’re just attacking arbitrary items, which could be wood or a chest of 1000 gold coins. These looters, as they are currently implemented, are just behaving counter-intuitively, illogically, and overly-punitively.

Here’s the main thing. The game is clearly designed to communicate threats to the player so they can respond to them, not surprise them with something that wrecks their whole town without warning, making them want to reload the game. When enemies are sighted, there are warnings. When large goblin camps first spawn, they’re neutral as they demand tribute, and you can take your time before dealing with them. When additional camps of goblin wolves spawn, you get warnings. When Ogo’s coming, you get plenty of advance warning and tips on dealing with him and Mountain. You get to use gongs and the Hearth of Glory at your whim. And all enemies (at least up to the Titan, I haven’t fought that) react to being attacked, including goblins that look just like the looters, except the looters. And the game gives you no warning that these inauspicious goblins will wreak more havoc on your town than hordes of others.

And if suiciding after your items is a good strategy for hurting you (which it clearly is because it causes way more permanent damage than anything else), why do only these early/small camps of goblins do it? There aren’t good answers to this because this aspect of the game isn’t designed with the same principles as the rest of the game.


right but also telling you “i’m going to sneaky destroy your stuff” loses all the sneaky point xDDD
aaand no words for the rest hehe

All @paulthegreat ´s points are valid and i am sure the devs agree! Hopefully we get a overhaul of the whole goblin campaign at some point? I mean it is also a strange solution to leave a clay pile in the whole, left by the chieftans camp, so the player can manually fix it with the hearthlings, when no camp in the next orc campaign leaves a whole in the ground?

But that is what these things are. Fixes until a better solution can be implemented :slight_smile:

If this thread could turn from a rant over systems, into a thread with suggestions on how the players think a perfect system would work, i think we have better odds of getting the devs to have a look at this faster, rather than maybe never?

What do you say @PyreStarite?

Thank you :tornado: :heartpulse:


Well, I did tag this thread as “Suggestions”. It depends on what you want these goblins to be doing. If you want them to smash stuff, then let them try to defend themselves instead of going after stockpiles with a laser focus. If you want goblins to steal in a way that is fair to the game, they can start nicking items at will then try to run away, but I fully expect for those enemies to drop everything they nabbed upon death. If you want them to smash faces, then let them smash faces. Don’t let them throw their lives away trying to grief you.