Goblin drops a stolen item, but no loot command on info bar

With the goblins stealing stuff from me right and center, I decided to fight back. While my guys were piling into them, I didn’t have much time to pay attention, but later I noticed this Oak Log near my town. A goblin had apparently stolen it, then dropped it as he fled from my footmen. As you can see, it somehow fails to have a loot command available, even though it’s outlined in red indicating that it is an enemy item and should be looted.

I’m aware of the Loot command on the menu bar of course, but this bug indicates a situation where ownership of an item has not been fully transferred somehow.


this happens only for logs :wink: this is also not only for stolen logs - its also for logs they spawn withthem.

also i think they should change the layout of the buttons - at the moment they lay over the unitframe - so when a discription is longer - they will hide some of the infos xD for example when zombies droops a spool of thread^^


Hmm. I kind of remember the log thing now. I think I heard it a year or so ago. It’s been sticking around a long time >.>


It actually does happen with a lot of items that goblins steal


ahh ok ^^ normally they have no chance to steal from me - so i only know the issue of droped items xD thx for info :smiley:

If you open the combat menu (or whatever it is called, it has the sub-menu option for defense mode and groups), select loot, and then drag it over the area that these items are your hearthlings SHOULD pick them all up.


They know that, but if you select an item dropped or stolen by an enemy, it should have a loot command on its little info tab, similar to how if you select a villager, it gives you an option to change jobs.

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