Different Items, Different Loot Methods

Don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I noticed that common items cant be selected, and clicked to loot like others. Here’s two pictures to explain.

Both of these items were dropped from a goblin camp, yet the oak log doesn’t have the loot icon in the title bar, where as the racoon jerky does. I’ve noticed this with regular stone as well.


Confirmed over here.

ive noticed that with a different set of items but the same problem

Strange…they are both “enemy” items, as seen by the red outline…I wonder why they don’t both have the loot icon in the unit frame. Paging @yshan, I feel like this is a UI question for you! :smile:

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I can also confirm, this is a thing. Thought it strange how enemy wood isn’t loot but will not be auto harvested by worker hearthlings.

@yshan this is still an issue in A15.