Marauder SMASH!

I don’t know if this is an intended feature or a bug, so excuse me if this is in the wrong category, but it’s just awful either way.

Whenever Goblin Marauders (the ones with the red helmets and stone mauls) attack, they don’t actually decide to attack… atleast not your Hearthlings. Every time I’ve had them come to my town, they beeline it for my stockpile and completely disregard anything else. Once there, because it’s still early in the game and my footmen aren’t able to deal with their high health, they proceed to destroy just about everything of value while shrugging off my soldiers trying to whittle down their high health.

The last of the stone I had from boulders because the Chieftain’s Camp blocked my route to the mountain? Gone. Several highly valuable ingots that were dropped from mobs? Gone. Several hundred gold stored all on one spot I had saved up? Gone, all in the span of about 5 seconds before they then start going after whatever else was laying there. This is, in all honesty, complete crap that they don’t respond to being attacked and instead destroy everything of value in my town’s inventory every in-game day or so when they raid.

So now I don’t fear the marauders for their ability to mortally wound my Hearthlings and actually being a challenging early-game obstacle. I fear them because they, ironically, have no fear and decide it’s a way better mechanic to completely screw me over. And if the only solution is to put everything in crates, then I say it’s a bad problem to create in the first place when you stifle a player’s options and force them to take a certain action instead of being creative with their choice of storing their goods.

well that explains the marauders, if it was bars atleast XD (resources in inventory dont increase nat value, items do. protip: dont have more valuables than you can defend.)

a wall with a door around your floor-stockpile would also work instead of crates. or for that matter, fence gates i think. putting your allarm flag on the stockpile and ghaving EVERYONE gang up on the buggers also works.

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You can dig down in the dirt, that gives stone aswell as clay. Clay (if you dont need it for the potter) sells pretty well, and can help you regain those lost couple hundreds of coldcoins fairly easy.

The intensive to put items in crates is part there for performance reasons, since stockpiles filled with items takes up some thinkingpower or something? Dont hold me up on that though :smile:

Marauders and the ogo confrontation is two of my favourites, that show the player that goblins is a force that needs to be taken serious! Level those combatforces asap…

Thank you for sharing your perspective on this :merry: :sunny:

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That’s the thing, though. I like to build pretty “realistic” towns, and I think just a random wall around a temporary stockpile position (my first big goal is to have no “communal” stockpiles, i.e. everything has its own place) is just bad. I can’t have blacksmith, mason, food, etc buildings right away from the start of the game without taking the time to build them - and in the process get raided and have everything be destroyed.

Unless you’re very near a mountain, like you said digging down or into foothills will only give clay and little stone. So it’s not much help.

I agree, I think they’re important challenges that show you how ready you actually are. But when I have two footmen and no available good-stat Hearthlings to promote, there’s not much I can do.

The problem is that they just relentlessly attack the stockpiles and don’t fight back, period. They used to - in these early stages, a 1v1 would result in a dead/fatally injured Hearthling so you’d have to either have the town assist or get some backup/better gear. I just don’t get why they now beeline all your valuables in the stockpiles instead of fighting back. At least the goblin workers and thieves will either flee or fight back.

For reference purposes, what town worth do you have when this happens?

Ok i guess it depends on what the term “little” defines by the induvidual…

What i hear you say, is actually that you found out that you placed yourself strategically bad from the start! You might want to consider rolling a new game, where you implement the lessons learned OR play on peacefull mode?

I will turn away now and let your suggestion be, so the developers can act upon it if they feel your perspective is valid.

Have fun :heartpulse: :merry:

It’s enough to let the Goblin Chieftain’s camp spawn, so around 3k or so.

I’m actually pretty close to the mountains, but like I said the spawn of the goblin camp cut me off from being able to get there without having to go very far out of my way.