Latest build combat bugs

Here you can see my mighty footman fighting a vile stolen pumpkin basket, earlier a goblin was slaughtering my wood(no pictures)

<img src="/uploads/stonehearth/original/3X/a/f/afaba02b6c82fddad33464857e8186<img

This was the second time he was attacking that goblin worker.

For the record that goblin had just taken a hit after blocking the two first.

I think one of the current goals of the goblins and undead is to wreak havoc on your stockpiles as well as your hearthlings. I’ve had several get into my camp and manage to destroy food, resources and tools before I had a hearthling brave enough to kill them before fleeing lol

@Boulderboy But why is my footman doing it?

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Yeah, I’ve had goblins come in and destroy my resources as well. I figured it was a gameplay mechanic rather than a bug.

My guess would be a traitor to the Hearthling cause…but probably a glitch lol.