Double Standard Goblins

Have been passifying the goblins for a while now, yet for some reason, they sent two guards over to destroy my stuff, and yet I can’t attack them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make mighty goblin leader happy.
  2. Keep making him happy.
  3. Have your stuff get destroyed.

Expected Results:
He leaves my stuff alone!

Actual Results:

When you try to tell footmen to attack directly, it just gives your a red X. Steam doesn’t save courser pictures otherwise I’d show that.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Develop-2881 (x64)


Thanks for the bug report! A fix will be in the next unstable build.


I want to add that this is 90% resolved. Once in a while, when a goblin who’s an ally, walks through my camp carrying wood to his fire, it will pop up that I have an enemy. He won’t be hostile, nor can I attack him though, just a notification error.


Just going to ping @linda for this. Don’t want to move the topic back to #support:bug-reports as the main bug is resolved, but resolved reports are hidden from the main page by default so I don’t want this to be missed.

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Nice catch, this will be fixed in the next build :slight_smile: