[Ack] Goblin is on the roof, refuses to come down so I can kill him

Title: Goblin is on the roof, refuses to come down so I can kill him.

Summary: I have successfully defeated all the goblin camps on my map, aside from one. This camp is cleared out save for a single hut with a Goblin worker standing on the roof. Building ladders on the hut does not allow the goblin to come down, nor my warriors to go up. Additionally, my warriors refuse to attack the hut. It is mostly an annoyance due to the combat music kicking on and off anytime my workers wander near the hut, which is within about 2 buildings from my diner.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Unsure, only happened once, see notes for more details

Expected Results:
All goblins should be reachable. Hearthlings should be able to climb ladders onto Hut Roofs.

Actual Results:
Goblin unreachable, Hearthlings ignore ladders attached to huts

The trapped goblin appeared in one of the secondary “Wolf” camps. The Goblin is not truely “standing” on the roof, as he is clipping through it. Only his head and torso are visible. He does not seem to react to my warriors being nearby, but did “panic” when a zombie walked by once. The Zombie ignored him.


Versions and Mods: Alpha 10 no additional mods

System Information: Windows 8.1 Pro | Intel Core i7-4770K | 16 GB System Memory | GeForce GTX 780


hey there @Memige … welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the solid report… :+1:

any chance you could take a screenshot? I don’t think it will help much in resolving the issue… it will just look hilarious! :smile: toss it up to imgur.com and i’ll embed it in your post…


heh, i had the same thought when i saw this…


If you put your footmen in a party, and put the attack banner right beside the hut does that help? Also, is this in the main goblin camp, or is it in the wolf-raider camp?


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Aha, thanks! :slight_smile: Wolves it is.

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@SteveAdamo Sure thing:

@sdee Placing the attack banner directly adjacent to the hut does not cause any change in behavior. And as mentioned, it was indeed in a wolf-raider camp.


…well, at least he’s adorable XD :slight_smile: Right, he’s not coming down because the hut is an object, not a real building. And nobody will destroy the house because they’re trying to get to the goblin. Noted!


awww… does he really need to be dispatched? he’s so adorbs! :laughing:


That’s a major problem with this game’s combat.


Worst case scenario @Memige, select the goblin, hit the “@” key, type “destroy”, and hit return.



Sweet, thanks. Adorable goblin has been vanquished by the coding gods, and my warriors have torn down the hut :smile:


The ` key to the left of 1 works too.


I’ve seen this too - in my experience it happens when your footmen are in range of the goblin but can’t path to it - a workaround besides the debugging menu is to party up the footmen and set them to rally at a point far enough away that the side of the building is in range, but the goblin on the roof is not. They’ll then go smack down the building (because they don’t see the goblin) and then can kill him normally.

I assume the actual fix would be to allow them to fallback to next behavior if they’re trying to kill a foe but can’t path to it. … Come to think of it, I’ve actually seen a related bug with roofgoblins where footmen will start heading home when they can’t kill one and then get stuck at the edge of aggro range where they’ll attempt to attack it again, realize they can’t path, start heading home again, &c in a cycle that results in them just vibrating in place more or less.

… I should actually report these things when I experience them, huh.


Goblin on the roof… hearthling at the fire :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve experienced this twice in a row. For the first one, I managed to build stairs with the floor material next to the hut. Workers took turns cowering and building it, and a footman I stationed there climbed on top of the hut to kill the remaining goblin.
For the second one, I’m waiting for the workers to build the same stair-floor combination.