[1665] Footman/Goblin Ladder Match

Came across one interesting bug…

Footman were up on a higher level chasing incoming goblins. One of the three goblins fighting went on to steal something from my storage. Once the footman finished off the upper goblins they chased back the third and met up on the ladder casuing them to all go into an idle type mode. Some how the Footman who made it to the bottom of the ladder is in Fighting Stance but, cannot hit and will not do anything else. all three are just sitting there on or near ladder.

I tried to save and reload but, nothing changes. This doesn’t even seem to bring up a crash or error anywhere.

Footman / Goblin Ladder Match


@Albert, is this like the tombstone thing?

I don’t think these guys can attack each other when they’re at different heights yet.

I can provide more info if needed and possibly even the saved game… Just let me know

@sdee, yes, they can attack at different elevations provided they are within reach. I think I know what the bug is. Let me do some tests and see if I can get a repro.


I just let the game continue on and have something else to report about this… Another team of Goblins from the higher level walked near and one came down passed through the guys on the ladder and took something, the footman at the bottom did nothing and the goblin took the stuff from lower level and went back up passing through the other goblin and footman stuck on the ladder.

WORK Around… I deconstructed the ladder with the goblin and footman on it… They all fell and footmen killed the goblin! WOOT!


Ok, the bug is fixed for the next patch. Thanks @pixelengineer for the info and screenshot!


Thank you for Fix :smile: