Workers changing jobs while under attack by goblins break goblin AI

Encountered something unusual today. Some goblins were attacking a Hearthling as he went to pick up a wooden practice sword to become a footman. The moment that happened though, the goblin AI crashed, all the goblins froze in place (including one that wasn’t attacking because he was a ways away), and my new footman began gaining levels as he whacked at the frozen goblins.

Looking at the goblins’ stat screens I could see their health going down, way into the negatives, but never died, while my footman continued to gain experience with every hit.


thats a way to gain levels for your footman :smile:

yeah, dont know if its in the current build of if they fixed it but if you remove the goblin stockpile where they burn stuff they just run to your town banner, also if you remove it while a goblin tries to light it, the game breaks. thought I should mention this in this report as well


Hah, yes. He hit level 4 in about 2 minutes starting from recruit with 0 XP.

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I ran into this during one of my streams. I can’t say I did the exact things as the OP but during a battle (and my push to getting to the second month) the goblins attacking that night froze in a running motion and my footman just sat there and wacked em. I think the rest of my workers went back to normal after I turned off Guard mode. Had to console -> “destroy” them to get rid of em.

Here’s the highlight of it

really? never happened to me, i always remove their stockpiles even if something is burning and ive never had a problem.

@8BitCrab, not when its on fire, but the moment he tries to light it

oh, that makes sense why i haven’t had problems then :smile: