Goblins on different levels (altitude) in the map are not attacking!

Goblins on different levels (altitude) in the map are not attacking! My village is low near the lake, but they spawned in 3 different camps around me but on different high levels of the map; apparently they cannot go down to me near the lake!

What should I do?!^_^’

build a ladder up to one if you want to fight them. they cant build or climb down.


This is really sad though… They should have been able to build ladders and come to me, as the Cheif had threatened to!!

I think the ACE team is looking at fixing that. Plans might have changed though, I don’t know.

I personally would notttttt want them to be able to build ladders on their own. lol It’s literally the best way to avoid attacks early in the game, especially if you’re in hard mode.

I understand… But what if you’re on a normal mode and you wouldn’t mind a bit of a challenging fight, since you disavowed and ignored the Goblins demands from the very beginning! :slight_smile:

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True that, I guess I’m really just the kind of person that would hate to see any of my hearthlings even loose one drop of health :rofl::laughing::rofl:

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Absolutely, the same here… But it doesn’t make any sense for the Big Chief (main event) and the other camps not to attack at all! XD

… Peaceful mode :p?

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I’d like for them to be able to very slowly carve a staircase up or down. Or maybe very slowly cast some spell to teleport a short distance, after a long time of being trapped?

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I’m perfectly fine with them not being able to come. The hilarious thing is, after awhile, they give up. And then the next one comes and makes demands. :smile: