Tiers of Goblin Attacks

I am very interested in Stonehearth, and I’m looking forward to playing it once it releases. I was bored and came up with an idea that may be really good or incredibly bad. I saw in some pictures of Stonehearth there were some goblin creatures and it gave me this idea.

Keep in mind this is just an idea.

Three tiers of goblin attacks.

The goblin attacks will only occur when the player’s village is at a certain point in development.
The first tier is called a goblin attack. In the goblin attack the main enemies are Goblin Warriors. Again, players would only encounter the goblin attack if their village is at a certain point in development.

The second tier is called a goblin invasion. The main enemies in goblin invasions are Goblin Knights. Goblin Knights would be stronger and faster than Goblin Warriors. In the goblin invasion there would still be Goblin Warriors along with the Goblin Knights.

The third and last tier is called a goblin conquest. A goblin conquest includes Goblin Warriors and Goblin Knights. The goblin conquest also could include two new enemies. The first new enemy would be a Goblin Captain, in a goblin conquest there would be two Goblin Captains leading the Goblin Warriors and knights into battle. Goblin Captains are stronger than Goblin Knights and warriors. After killing the two Goblin Captains the player would then fight the Goblin General. The Goblin General is stronger, smarter, and faster than the Goblin Captains.

This was just a random idea I came up with, I don’t expect this to appear in the actual game. Please leave feedback about what you think! :smiley:

I think simply put it would be cool that the more powerful we become the more powerful the goblin attacks become.

dont forget hunting down the goblin camps/towns to prevent attacks

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I agree that scaling the enemy attacks would be cool, and I expect that it will happen; the Goblins will get tougher, and then eventually those Titans will show up…


I have a few ideas for Goblins too.

Here they are:

During the seasons.

What you can do after you defeat them.

What do you think about these ideas?


That sounds like a really good idea!

take them prisoner, then use your politician to get them to work with you

i love what im reading but i want it more subtle, like a to when making ur town bigger or as u hunt find hint,old camps, animal bones or,goblin weapons before u meet ur fist gob.that way u have time to build army. id hate it if i built something i love only for a gob shows up killing an wrecking stuff./add trolls

I hope there is a sliding scale of difficulty, I kinda like the brutal nature of dwarf fortress…just not the ui

I like the idea but it should be possible to prevent such an attack, maybe you need to hunt down goblin scouts who will report your village to other goblins or you could raid there base and kill the goblins so you take the battle to them.

I see your point but if you could just prevent them completely there is almost no point to have the attacks in the game in the first place.

Maybe not prevent them completely but reduce their strength and frequency of attacks.

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That’s a better idea, the amount of goblins in each attack could be reduced as well.

It must be very hard to prevent a complete attack but maybe you could go out and sabotage them so when they attack they are not as strong.

No point? The point is that if you don’t preemptively strike the goblin base then you will be attacked/harassed over time, putting your non-military citizenry and infrastructure at risk. One of the reasons why the US faired better by the end of WWII than their European allies.

I like the idea but would rather it was not something that happened because you reached x number of settlers but because you caused it for example you while still relatively weak go and burn down a goblin village slaughter the innocent goblin mothers and children and they retaliate for obvious reasons sending a much larger force than you possess to utterly destroy you. You then sabotage, fight to the death, run or whatever else but if you hadn’t attacked the village you would of been fine. Therefore if your a peaceful trading city they might conduct a few small raids but won’t send anything really serious however as nightowl said above by not attacking they can grow in their strength and so when and if they do attack they could be an even stronger threat.

This could also apply to other civilisations for example the goatmen decide they don’t like because you did
whatever and they feel truly threatened and so they feeling they have no choice ally with the goblins and turn their focus towards you this then means you can do nothing and fight or you can break said alliance up creating a reason for having some kind of assassin or saboteur. That space could be filled by some kind of woodsmen but evolve into it’s class. * Insert more mindless rambling here * and then these kind of mechanics can lead to other things the peaceful peoples ganging up on you because they feel threatened the bunnymen and you smashing the goblin civilization to pieces so on so on so on. Bit of a ramble but first post over and done with :smiley:

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I think you are describing the interaction with a neutral race like the rabbit people. The goblins are inherently evil and seek you out (from what I’ve gathered on the KS).

NightOwl is right the point of goblins is that they have evil intents if you would want to bribe them in not attacking you, you better pay in DIAMONDS and leave the silver behind. They want to steal and kill and if you want to bribe them they probbabbly wil get back for more or else.

But I like the idea of meeting them before a large scale attack suddenly burns your village to the ground.

Also it should be logical for them to attack if you have something they want.

I don’t mean they won’t attack though it wasn’t the best choice of words rather that they will attack earlier in force judging on your actions so if you incur their wrath they’ll attack in force much earlier so if you’re militant the goblins will attack in force and neutralize you or at least try ( Thus saving them trouble later on ) but then if your not as militant they won’t bother you in such force until later and you have something and this applied to the last line about them building their strength ( Then attacking while you actually have some diamond encrusted hairbrushes and not a few piles of some very nice twigs ). Anyway I do want goblins to be the root of all evil. To be honest I was thinking much to much about bunnymen and forgot goblins are the bane of existence but the entire point is your actions affect the world around you linking back to what tiers will attack you indirectly.

What about reanimating them by necromancy as goblin-zombies?
Okay, maybe that’s no good idea (brain-eating-undead-monsters?).
But what about kidnapping their children and then raising them as part of society.
Or you could just hire them for money as mercenaries / assistants.