Upgraded Goblins

I checked the discourse and couldn’t find anything about different Goblins except a light reference on this thread

but so goblins have more armour better weapons more refined different goblin troops etc.) Just leave your thoughts. heres a picture from the media section on the stone hearth development blog . As you can see they have armour helmets and shields which is an upgrade from the goblins from no.

I can’t remember if they already have helmets and armour

I only brought this up as Radiant is soon going to focus on combat in the following alphas


Heres a interesting archive from the stone hearth development blog a lot of weapons monsters and stuff


here are some pictures

the things that we have hidden but will so easily be put into the game Radiant nudge nudge


I would love some more monsters personally.


Goblin Expansions

  • Troll riding goblins!
  • Wolf/Warg riding Goblins
  • Wolf/Warg drawn chariot/cart
  • Goblin knight
  • Goblin Juggernaut
  • Goblin mage
  • Mammoth riding goblins
  • Titan’s elite supporting goblins

Other Mobs?


I can’t wait for new creeps :smiley:
Tiered goblins would be awesome, especially a leader. A sense of order on who to attack first would also make attacks seem more strategic. Not to sure what’s going on with combat mechanics though right now it’s a sort of watch the hearts hope you live scenario. :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully with some control tiered mobs will make you think more!

  • Goblin general
  • Goblin flag bearer
  • Kobold (like the exploding a** holes from dungeon defenders
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how about goblin riding mammoths?


Ha, those darn kobolds kill me all the time! :smile:

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wow those goblins would have to be strong to for the mammoths to ride on them :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Mistakes were made, yet the comment was posted.