Goblin came to visit my village

Seems like this one particular goblin is not afraid of us hoomans and decided to pay a visit.
My soldier doesn’t react to it at all and the goblin seems friendly, just standing before my stairs to the upper part of my village.
I have a feeling the problem is with the “stairs” as they are natural. I started to build normal stairs next to them and combat music started, but the hearthlings didn’t mind the goblin. Music changed back to normal and I have stairs but goblins still likes to hang around my place.

Here are two links for screenshots of the place:

Playing the latest unstable.

Edit: The goblin later went on a patrol and it seems that they had made an outpost somewhere in the woods.
Still wondering why my soldiers didn’t react.

If you run the quest with the goblin chieftain, the goblin faction will turn peacefull until you refuse the quest.
So, it’s perfectly normal to see goblins roaming arround and patroling between their outposts.
The best strategy is to attack themp before they build too much outposts because each outpost summon 2 workers and a soldier (i think:thinking:)

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Thank you for the response! <3

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