Rude Guests for Dinner

Don’t know if this is a bug bug, but it’s definitely something that’s not supposed to happen. So I decided to pacify the goblins, but was unable to meet their demands. Before I had to deny them, I had some visitors come by, as they were ran out of their own camp.

Even after I denied their requests, their warriors turned, but the women (I’m guessing) decided to enjoy our hospitality a little more.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pacify goblins.
  2. Have wolves attack their camp.
  3. Deny goblins.

Expected Results:
Not to be at my camp.

Actual Results:

I didn’t mind having them over, but their attitudes need to be worked on when they don’t get their way.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-524 (x64)

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This might be the hidden bug in this report. While you are at peace with the Goblins, nothing should be able to attack them, including wolves.

That would make sense then as to why the cheif was hanging out with a giant zombie.


Yep! Back when A14 first came out, and all the new enemies were added, it was very cool to see everyone (the enemies) attacking each other. However, it was soon discovered that if another enemy attacked and killed the goblin chief, all goblins became hostile. This could be a huge issue if you had been at peace for a while, as lots of small camps had likely formed, and now an “army” of goblins were coming to attack. Going to ping @linda to see this on Monday. She might have more questions for you…


There, answered them all in record time.