What is the best way to raid a goblin camp(s)

One large camp of 18 goblins and another camp of 1 is next to it. i just bought the game so i have no clue how to approach this.

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At the beginning I used to accept their request and pay the the tribute asked.
But if you wanted to wreck them you have to make an “army”.

The number of this one depends of the equipment of your soldiers but for one camp I would say 3-4 soldiers well-armed are enough. Wooden shield and sword are useless, At least bronze armor for each with a trusty shield (awesome protection). For the weapons it’s on you some will use the the mace bought to the survivalist when he appears but you should use at least iron pike/short sword/bronze mace.

It requires some preparation and it’s why I pay tribute the time to train my soldiers. Also you can use fight groups to focus the camp.

PS : Choose your soldiers among the hearthling with a good body and spirit.

Thanks I did that. I got pied on having that’s a-hole being there so I got my footman with maces and shields and some padded vests and I destroyed them but the king ran away so after I had to make another trip to beat him. In the end it was so worth it. Thanks for the info. P.S. A wolf camp spawned nearby and I was scared shtless and it ended up that all they did was pass by my village into the unknown :expressionless:

If you really wanna mow them down without losing anyone, it’s a bit cheating, but when its too much to handle I think its okay…

Click on the goblins with the Console( ` ) open and either type “kill” or “destroy”; Kill will kill them as if you sent an army to them to wipe them out and Destroy just simply removes them from game as if they never existed.


18 goblins you say though? Piece of cake! Make a lot of beds, sell the beds, then wait for the rugged traveler and buy the bone mace. Also buy cloth and thread from the other trader. Make padded leather armor and bingo!


watch the language, please… :+1:


honestly this is how i go about doing this, once the notification that "a goblin with a fancy hat swaggers into town"
if you click on the notification, then you will have to either (refuse and have to fight the goblins almost instantaneously) or accept and constantly have to accept while their camp gets bigger.

if you dont click on the notification, they will remain neutral and so will any other goblin camp that spawns in the area. and they won’t demand anything either. yes the notification will remain on your screen…just wait, eventually, like 5 minutes later, a UI error will pop up telling you to press F5 to refresh the UI. do it, and the notification will disappear from the screen. The notification will still remain in the notifications icon at the bottom if you click on it. so when you feel ready to attack, click on the notification and attack. I recommend 4 footsoldiers with any weapon that does 14 damage or more and at least padded vests and the buckler. although a trusty shield is way better. if you want to do the attack with precision, then put your footsoldiers in a party and put the “attack” flag diagonal from the camp. not too close and not too far. this will cause the goblins that get to that quadrant of the camp to attack and not alert the rest of the camp. this helps you minimize damage received and assure a flawless win. after you cut down your last goblin, you should have 5-10 minutes of peace at least. then when the wolves spawn in, find their camp and send those same 4 footsoldiers with the same equipment or better equipment, and you can attack the camps with ease. (in my own opinion, i think wolf camps are way easier to fight than the chieftain camp if you play it smartly and swiftly.) although when you get to about day 27, goblins and wolves might randomly spawn in your caves or various other places in groups of 2-5. normally 1-2 wolves and 2-4 goblins. the wolves are easy to kill if you have long reaching weapons, such as a spear or longsword or whatever long reaching weapons you might receive from the goblins