Ability to turn goblins off

sometimes i feel like the goblins just ruin my village, but i dont really care about the other monsters. cuz i like to defend the village but sometimes the goblins are just to much

What exactly about the goblins, is it that you find “to much”?
And the other monsters, do that include the kobolds and orcs?

Guess he thought about the same problem I’m facing. Usually I get attacked by 2-3 goblin / orc invasions (with clerics) at the same time on my 25-man village. 25-mans mean that I dont really have enough hearthlings (or too many hearthling for the PC to process all the pathfinding in real time in double speed) to have a big army.

My solution for you is that you can just set their healthpoints and / or their attack damage to 1 (in addition to this I gave a 4000% damage boost up-buff at level 5 for my archers to make short process). Now take your four combat groups, place one archer in every group and let them patrol on different sides of the city (for example: first = north, second = west etc) or wherever your chokepoints are. That’ll keep them away.

Use the dev tool to destroy them.

I wouldn’t want to “turn off the goblins” so much as have an option to just play a sort of… “free mode.” One that lets you experience the game as you would with Normal… but not have the story foisted upon me. I like the combat, but I dislike being forced into things, if only because the game suddenly starts to say “Keep up with me or get a game over.” Enjoying the game at a consistent level would be nice. Something not to easy, but something that I can still leisurely play. Does that make any sense?

Did you guys try out the Engineer?

My City has a wall with only one open entrance, the others are doors.
Most of the time the raids go for the open entrance and there I have set up traps and turrets.
I do not need a big army.
One Knight, two Clerics and some Archers do the job with the traps and the turrets.

The Knight gets the aggro, pulls back and lures the enemy into my defense zone.

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While it may not help with the story have you tried Easy Mode difficult ? It decreases their spawn rate by 50% and doubles the spawn requirement for some mobs, which should give ya a more relaxed pace without completely negating combat. :merry:

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I feel like the Engineer is the most under-utilized class in the game. I keep an engineer for each entrance and once ya get em leveled up they can pretty much take care of town defense on their own with proper placement of walls, turrets, and traps even on Hard Mode. The only time I really need to use my fighting force is to venture out to take down camps. In the rare instance something manages to get through all the defenses they’re so damaged that picking them off is easy.

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