Goblins to disappear after a while?


My town of 12 just got completely wiped out by two goblins. Do they have a goal other than to just kill everyone?

Is it possible to setup a time limit on how long they hang around before giving up? I had everyone in recovery mode, except the ones who delivered those to be rescued. Once the recovering people awoke, they placed the others one in recovery, then they eventually died. The three footmen I had couldn’t recover enough to do anything worthwhile other than getting knocked out as soon as they started fighting.

Then other invaders joined while everyone was either dying or recovering. After the entire village died, I was sad. So my suggestion is thus: either give every enemy a specific goal to accomplish like stealing or whatever, or have them leave after a set time. Just having your whole village demolished gives you no shot at recovery, because they just hang around waiting for any newcomers to be killed.


I was planning to add something like them leaving if fewer than 2 hearthlings are up, but I never got to it. Perhaps something for ACE to tackle, eh, @DaniAngione?


Sounds like a good idea :wink:

@satsui as for your current issue, if you really want to continue that town, you can… “force” those goblins to… “go” … :roll_eyes: … by pressing “Ctrl+C” to open the game’s console, click the goblins and type “destroy” without quotes. Then enter. But no one told you that, ok? :rofl: