The Never-Ending Stream of Goblins

Just a suggestion, but I noticed that when goblins spawn waves, they don’t stop until the chief is defeated. Isn’t that a tad unrealistic? I think they should have a certain number of troops to spawn before they stop. Then when they do, the whole camp goes to attack (including the leader).

Anyone else think so?


Does your settlement receive new hearthlings every day?

Yeah, usually… (Except at the start)

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Its like your suggest in the other topic xD they are still at the Start xD

So why shouldn’t the goblins get new armsmen?

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Historically you wouldn’t send your entire army for a small raid, would you? The purpose of the goblin attacks (from their POV) is to break your stuff, and steal your food, the breaking is so it is easier to raid in the future. I feel like yes goblins in the camp should build up over time, before the eventual attack so that you can monitor them, which would make sense, but it is probably a future feature anyway


Well, we don’t actually see them arrive, do we? They just magically appear from a tent/campfire.

Sort of like your settlement’s new hearthlings “magically” appear on the terrain near your settlement?

Look, this isn’t a kingdom simulator. Goblins represent danger, and having repeatedly to deal with the goblins represents ongoing danger. Who cares how the game spawns them?

If you’re desperate for an in-game explanation, try this: the goblin chieftain, having lost the armsmen he sent after you, sent a message to Central Goblin Armsman Dispatch Service asking for reinforcements, which were sent a couple at a time (available reinforcements are scarce, as goblin chieftains all over keep losing armsmen and demanding more, and breeding and training take time); the goblin chieftain, being a dumb goblin, keeps throwing them at you as soon as he receives them from CGADS; CGADS Chief Administrator Muktuk is getting tired of this, but his hands are tied as he has strict regulations requiring him to fulfill all reinforcement requests as soon as possible, so he sends a couple every day.

So can you please just play the game, now? I’m not understanding how this is unrealistic, when we’re talking about fighting goblins with wooden swords.

All I’m asking is that the goblins come into town but eventually decide the camps is hopeless and stop sending their infinite troops. And maybe the goblins could spawn on the side of the map… The hearthlings should do that too, though for now I think that’s just a placeholder.

And also, what do you mean this isn’t a kingdom sim? Yes it is.

I know, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve felt for a while this should be changed. If someone’s joining your town, then wouldn’t it be better to have them come in from the side of the map? Like one chunk that’s classified as a road / entrance tile? Think of the old city builder games like Pharaoh or Rome; they had a specific point in which nomads came in from. Now, invading armies were a different story. They had their own marker, generally on the other side of the map from the nomad marker. To me, this would make more sense, as the goblins would be coming in from Central Command.

That being said, there’s still a way to use the current system. Hearthlings I notice normally spawn at the edge of your explored area. To me, that makes sense as you couldn’t see them come in through the fog-o-war. Goblins though, change their fire pit to a spell portal, and that would make it so they could be spawned via it. Their cheiftain is summoning them in.

This would be a cool idea. Have a couple goblin workers wander in rather then them just spawning, and have them construct the tents and such. Let it go long enough, and they could construct a small fort.


Hey SirAstrix, I forgot to mention it while i was posting, but some of what I said is supposed to be a planned feature, in which the goblins set up a similar town or live in a cave, or as workers to a titan. Basically they do plan on making goblins more in-depth along the lines of making them a proper village, similarly as to how in the future you can interact with other people villages.