Less Frequent Raids / Attacks

Something that i noticed lately is that there are just way to many small attacks against your towns and most attacks are just small weak groups but they do disturb the gameplay quiet a bit at least for me it do.
I would prefer if enemies was rather less frequent and made more logical sense for them coming to attack and having them stronger harder challenges.

Now there can be just 1 min between attacks it feels like at times or even less.

Not sure what everyone else thinks about the frequency of enemies


yeah, the daily dose of, calling back youre villagers, send out the troops see a little fight and then return to work. The fight it self isn’t hard, but archers and goblinwolfs can do a lot of dmg in a short period of time, so they often can catch one or even several villagers, if we don’t order them all back. I like the tactical aspect in some fights, but after several attacks, the whole economy really starts to suffer, especially the hauling tasks.
Sieges, lasting several days, with big armys camping and sending out small groups, blocking of trading caravans.
This as a monthly or once a year, would be fun, not on a random nearly daily event.


This is meta-gaming a bit, but one solution I’ve found to the “trash mob” encounters on normal/hard:
Have one main entrance/exit to your town, for example, a bridge or a town gate or a canyon of sorts.
Often, a Giant Zombie Chest, or even two, will spawn near its entrance.
My last game I had two within 10 feet of each other guarding my front gate.
Leave it there.
The zombies aggro all small encounters, such as Goblins, Wolves, Golems, Skeletons.
Quality of life improved 100%.
Note: Major encounters like events will overwhelm the Giant Zombie quickly and still get past.
Also many small encounters will, eventually, wear them down to 0 HP over time.


Had that kind of thing happen for my town quiet a bit :slight_smile: but for me in this last case i live on and island and have to travel to the mountains and also for some reason my guard command is bugged they dont aggro anyone that goes past them :confused:

THe only thing that’s bothering me about these attack, are these damned kobold archer and the knight/warrior focus that could make them run away to the edge of your map, leaving 2-X archer shooting on their back, or on your own archer or sometimes your peasant.

Guess, we need a Gladiator like class, equipped with a net to catch those runners beforehand :smirk:

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I’ll mention my Sorenia save… I actually don’t mind the small attacks. The frequency is another story. Since Sorenia is one that has survived from A14 up to A16, I was doing well as the mobs were not too much a problem and could just let my crew handle it on their own. Didn’t boot it up in A17, but did boot it up in A18.

The mob increase was terrifying. Granted I had 1 of each combat class plus engineer and an extra herbalist. Apparently that put the score up to 400 or so… Seen on one of the info screen of combat value. Wasn’t that high before, I think. Unsure. I think it was 300, but since I hadn’t checked in while, the only thing I remember is roughly 200-300 something in A16 or A15. However I guess just adding a engineer boosted it quite a bit. (Hadn’t any traps placed just yet, although could have, since I did craft a few.)

My base crew is quite well armed, short from silver. Mostly top weapons though. I had already a veranus big & 2 small sitting outside, which was fine. The kobolds and ogres tore through them, which I can see with that sort of range advantage. They didn’t manage to take down the 2nd ogre however.

2 Ogres and 4-5 kobolds. I don’t use gongs, even if I think I made one, just never placed it. That group basically had a long walk around to the only entrance, and up the sole ladder up to the plateau. Ogres first which my 4 person crew tended to. It was the archers that slaughtered everyone, but at least one ogre went down, which was the one lowest on health. that was when I just exited the game. When my soldiers got slaughtered, and they were starting to work on civilians. ><

My healer obviously could not keep up, and wasn’t full level anyway like the warriors in the group. Archer I believe was 4-5, so not the strongest bow just yet, even if I had it crafted & waiting to be equiped when the time comes.

I will probably get back to that save to see if I can micro a bit more just to ensure the survival. My mistake was not focus on the archers. ><
So maybe if I micro to focus on them, maybe they would survive. I’ll see when I am up to the task, as this did happen before in A15, but not with that amount of opposition. Was only 1 ogre and 3 archers then, and taking out the archers helps a lot. Hence my guess if I did the same.

Moral of the story, take out the archers first, even when in low odds of defeat. I don’t mind a little micro, but when I have to do it for almost every battle that comes my way… That takes me away from building a little too much; even if I pause the game to design.

The spawning might have something to do with the unreachable encampments on the other side of the mountain, so I may go back in to delete them to ensure that is not the case. The spawn didn’t happen at those camps, as there is a location the enemies seem to favor spawn in from on that particular save, when it is a large army.

But that is the troubles with loading a game that has gone through the alphas. :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ll get back to it and manage that first burst, hopefully.)

Another problem with so many attacks is, that it punishes you for having a big city. If you have a big city, it’s hard to have enough military units at every important location, especially since you need all your units in the big fights when playing hard mode. It kinda forces you to have a huge wall surrounding your city if you want to manage those frequent attacks.

I agree that it would be great to have something like this:

When choosing hard more, you can choose between 3 different encounter options:

Low Quantity / High Quality: Less frequent attacks, but usually more difficult battles (more enemies etc.)
Balanced Quantity / Quality: Frequent attacks and normal battle difficulty
High Quantity / Low Quality: Many frequent attacks, but attacks are usualy less difficult (less enemies etc.)
Hardcore Quantity / Quality: Many frequent attacks and battles are more difficult (only for sadists)

This way, people can play like that want.


i really hope it becomes less often and instead of every 2 minute or something disturbing all other tasks.
It do not make it better that for my save Defend Location is bugged and they don’t do anything at all against enemies they let em pass right by.


I also find the number of spawns of small enemy groups is too high. You end up having to send your soldiers out one or two times a day with nearly no time to eat or sleep if the engagement takes too long or happens far away.
And then going for the loot is unthinkable. Looting has the same priority as hauling. And normal hauling is closer to the hearthlings so it gets done first. You need to basicaly stop the tasks in the city so that the hearthlings pick the loot ones. I have seen up to three days pass before the villagers start going to pick up the spoils. By then several other enemies have spawned, combats taken place and more loot has been generated.
I don’t mind having small raiding parties at the begining. Even with the frecuency they have now. But as your city grows those raids should become stronger and less frequent. It takes more time to put together big bands, strong enough to pose a threat to the city. Small raids should eventualy cease to come.
Just my idea.

Have fun, Kyth.


I have to disagree when I play hard mode there aren’t enough raids, I get one raid every 2 days or so and it just isn’t that hard until you get a stone golem come in at day 6, which is jus my silly.

If anything I want raids to be more frequent.

Actually, everything I said was to be applied to normal mode difficulty. Sorry, I should have mentioned it.
In hard mode the more raids the better. That is what that difficulty is for! :smiling_imp:

Have fun, Kyth.

I agree that Hardmode should be hard and lots of enemies and many raids or not lots of raids but really hard ones.

The problem i have with normal mode is that they just drop in 1 at a time very 2 minute nothing hard just distracting and feels odd. Only hard atm if it would even count as hard is that defend location don’t work as intended.

Like Kythandra says for normal mode small random attacks in the beginning but as town grows bigger attacks less often feels better imo at least.

I really don’t like when 1 random guy come start bashing starting the battle music every 2 min when not being a danger just being annoying :slight_smile:

I really like how Rimworld feels there depending on the ai/story teller it behaves different but you have some days without attacks to focus on other aspects of the game.
But Hardmode should really be hard for people after that challenge :D!

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I think hardmode shouldn’t be about many frequent attacks, but strong attacks. Attacks, that require you to have some preparation before you get attacked. Not just having many military groups, but also potions and traps and turrets etc. This kind of preparation. Because hardmode isn’t so hard as long as you promote like 50% of your population to knight/archer/clerics. So it is kinda right that the frequent attacks are annoying/distracting, but they don’t offer a huge challange.

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I still think that the attacks are a bit to frequent i got attacked today within the same minute about 4-5 times


was playing for about 30 minutes now got attacked around 15 times.
i would enjoy it more if these attacks where maybe more interesting and perhaps harder and more different everytime and having some kind of “relax” time to do everything else around town would be nice.

This does not always happen this extremely often but i find it very weird and not really enjoyable since it takes all focus to that instead of everything else that the game is about :slight_smile: